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A Life Changing Workshop! – Every Student must Attend!

Brilliant, Eye-opening, Enlightening Experience. A Need of the Hour for All
Understanding Value of Happiness
The Art of Accepting Reality

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held at Al ““ Muminah School, Mumbai, for the 9th and 10th Std students, on 25, 26,27 and 28 July 2016.
Around 130 Students participated in the Workshop and some of them share their experiences.

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  • It was a great experience. It was indeed mind awakening to discover one’s real self.
  • It is a life changing workshop, every student must attend.
  • I used to be rude with my family members, but now I am trying my best to behave well.
  • The experience was amazing. I used to fight with my brother daily, but now after the workshop I say ok and forgive him.
  • Before I was lacking in confidence, but after the workshop I became very bold person.
    It was very useful to change myself from evil to good.
  • It changed my perspective to see everyone as human beings. Really a life changing experience.
  • Before I never used to offer Salah on time, but now really I enjoy praying my Salah on time and I feel peaceful. I learnt that the real key to success is Salah for me.
  • After the workshop, life is full of peace, I am living my life with happiness, enjoyment and fun, It is now easy to tackle any problem in my life.
  • After the workshop, I took off all my glasses of judgments, assumptions etc. so that I am able to see everyone as their true self, as human beings and not an object.

FATIMA: The workshop was of great benefit to me. I thank Allah) for giving me this opportunity to attend it. I learnt many morals and values and I believe I have begun implementing them and will continue to do so. I have truly discovered as to who I am?

NUWAIRA: Before the workshop, I was carrying the burden of others and became their slave. After forgiving everyone, I set myself free. Truly I changed myself. I came to know myself.
SHAZIA: It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the workshop and learned many things. It has changed me from an animal to a responsible and accountable human being. I got the tools for a successful life. I have forgiven everyone and I feel myself as free as a bird flying in the sky.

NASHITA: Before the workshop, I was a very shy person. I never thought of going on stage. Going on stage was my biggest fear. But after this workshop, I had the courage to go on the stage and speak, Attending this workshop was a wonderful and useful experience for me. It helped me to remove all veils to see the real human beings as human beinsg and not as an object. Thank you for this workshop.
SIDRA: I was a very attitude girl. It helped me to come out of my ego and attitude. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity and experience. My life is fully changed because of this workshop.
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