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Discovering Yourself in Delhi

Transforming Within in Kolkata!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Delhi on 2, 3 and 4 August 2019 at Afzal Hussain Auditorium, Indian Institute of Islamic Studies, Jamia Nagar.

Some of the participants share their experiences about the Workshop.
“¢ This workshop is the need of the hour, because we need to discover ourselves in this era of social media and other sources with 1000 opinions.
“¢ I was not aware of the connection between heart and mind.
“¢ It helped me to be a good human being and connect to Allah.
“¢ This workshop must be organised all over the world as many people are very disturbed in their life.

AISHA: Earlier I knew the hadiths, and all about good behavior, but I got to know the real explanations here with all practical examples. I look forward to joining such workshops, it revives our faith, beliefs and humanity that we lack in our daily hustle of life.
GHALIB: Before the workshop, my life was disturbed, and I was always worried about the future. But now, I think of the present and feel comfortable. I learnt lot to things and realized the distinction between Huq and Batil. I have forgiven, forgotten the past and removed all the burdens.
SABIHA: It was worth attending. I came to know about myself and what goes on in my mind and what is creating problems. This realization would help me to change myself. People say have sabr (patience), but never teach how to have sabr and how to achieve the ability of having sabr. This workshop taught me how to have sabr and how to deal with it and how to cope up with it.
ALI: Before the workshop, I was connected to the mind. But after the workshop, I have connected with the heart and I benefitted a lot by attending the workshop.
ZEESHAN: Before attending the workshop, I had some questions in my mind, they were disturbing me and was worried how to solve them. After attending the workshop, I found all the answers to my questions.
SHEEBA: I think it was good to attend this workshop, the topics and the method of explaining was good. The problem lies within our self and this is quite hard to believe, but understanding it, solves the problem. Connecting to the present is what is needed. Three days of discovering myself was quite wonderful.