‘Discover Yourself’ workshops in Kolkata were organized by WBMDFC,  The Srri Saqti Foundation, Bangla Deeniyat Centre, Howrah, and  Bonadia Family Residential workshop held at Sea Resort, Digha WB.

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‘Discover Yourself’ workshops in Kolkata were organized by WBMDFC, The Srri Saqti Foundation, Bangla Deeniyat Centre, Howrah, and Bonadia Family Residential workshop held at Sea Resort, Digha WB.

Transforming Within in Kolkata!
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The Participants share their Experiences:
• A dynamic workshop where one connects to one’s inner being.
• It helped me realize all humans are equal.
• It helped me to realize reality, control my anger, to gain inner strength, and also to focus on others.
• This workshop is much needed for the mental health of today’s generation.
• I found this workshop useful as it showed me ways to enjoy and live life in a perfect way.
• It is good and I feel a kind of peace of mind after attending this workshop.
• I came with excitement in this workshop and I really felt the experience exciting I have discovered myself.
• It was entertaining and thought-provoking. I found a new way to look at things and the world. I wish all the Kolkata people could attend this!
• This type of workshop should be organized more and more because only bookish knowledge isn’t enough for our Muslim society.
• Always heard ‘ISLSM IS EASY’ but honestly never felt it but today for the first time, I got it. Thank You so much!
• The world can change if everyone gets to attend this workshop. I was controlled by my mind before the workshop, but now, it is me who controls my mind. This workshop touched my heart.
• It helped me to get close to my heart and brought me closer to Islam and Allah.
• Before the workshop, I am nothing, almost zero, not willing, false life, and painful but after the workshop, I am feeling satisfied, happy, willing, truthful, and believing in myself and my experience with this workshop is excellent.
• This workshop makes us realize what is happening in reality and how to respond and be at peace with ourselves.
• This workshop helped me to let go of my grudges and resentments. It helped me to accept reality and submit myself completely to the will of Allah swt willingly. Now I find myself in a more peaceful state.


AYESHA: I came here in a very poor state of mind, hopeless, depressed, and disconnected from my Rubb. By Allah’s grace, through this workshop, my heart’s eyes were opened and my perspective on life changed. I hope to be a better version of myself incorporating all that I learned. Khan sab has amazing, amazing skills, may the Almighty preserve him and grant him infinite jazaa in both worlds.

AFREEN: If I would not attend this workshop, I would have missed something valuable. I am grateful to Allah that he made it possible for me to attend. I gained confidence and got spiritual peace after attending the workshop. It is a very peaceful workshop in the light of the holy Quran. I never attended this type of workshop before in my whole life. This workshop is my first workshop, it inspired me and gave me a positive impact on my life. I am back to Islam, and I remember Allah more than my life. I have started developing spirituality and will spread this knowledge to others.

AKIB: I have started seeing life differently. I have now started performing all my salah from time to time. For the last three days, I have been continuously sharing the workshop’s topics with my wife, and we are doing many new things willingly after attending the workshop.

NABIHA: It is very valuable as it helped me to overcome anger. At first, I was not able to relate the denial and acceptance, but then I found out that the problem is mine that I am not accepting the reality which is actually real, and I am not because that was my assumption. Now I accepted that things are ‘AS IT IS’ and I must accept it. I am going to be my word no matter what in shah Allah.

IASKAR: It is really an awesome workshop to discover one’s inner potential. I have started changing myself from bad to good and good to better from this very day. My family members are happy to see the change in me.

Dr. SADIA: My family members were delighted to see the changes and my parents want to attend the workshop. I forgave my family members for being too strict. Forgave my husband for the differences we had at the start of our marriage and his rude behavior. I have accepted him ‘AS HE IS’ and would like to bring him to your workshop so that together we can work on our differences. I am willing to give up that I am right and let go of my past and take charge of my life.

KAINAAT: I feel good, relaxed, and kind of peaceful after attending the workshop. Most important of all I learned to forgive people and move on in life. Before this, I had negative thoughts and bad feelings about my family members, but I realized now that they are right from there be their point of view.

SHAHID: The workshop is awesome, and I loved the contents. I started accepting and loving everyone. I see others in a different way. I have become more broad-minded. I learned to unlearn unimportant things. I have learned to deal with people with a positive attitude. I started accepting reality.