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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Chennai on
28, 29 and 30 November, 2014. Organised by the Crescent Higher Secondary School for girls, many teachers and students participated in the Workshop. Some of the Participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

* This workshop changed my life and I have discovered my new ‘ME”.
* It helped me to let go off my ego and unnecessary burdens I had been carrying all along.
* An eye opener for all- both teachers and students.
* It helped me to remove all the years of garbage and refresh my life.
* Now I am able to distinguish between good and evil. I feel for my friends who had not come for this workshop, they have missed something very valuable.
* When our principal told us to attend this workshop, I thought it will be very boring and so on, but when I came here I was really surprised, because it was very useful and interesting. It changed me a lot. Thanks to my school and sir for this wonderful workshop.
* I learnt the two basic words “Forgive” and say “Thank you”. when someone shouts at me. I went and asked forgiveness to my father after attending the workshop.
* I always had trouble loving myself, but now it makes me easy to love myself. All solutions for my problems were found here.
* Really I say from the bottom of my heart, “it was awesome”. I was able to find the reality in me and I have discovered myself.
* Just cannot express through words. It has been life changing. It helped to close the huge gap between me and my sister. It made me believe in myself.
* The biggest thing this workshop gave me was, it brought me close to my father, the person I have always maintained distance with. I realized how much he loves me. The workshop made me realize that my life is going to be as I see it. I changed myself, the world around me changed.
* It helped me in demolishing my ego, fear and made me positive.
* It really helped me to control my anger and to forgive others.
* Really I feel grateful to you and Allah for changing me as a human being.
* This workshop gives us the ability to succeed in this life and Hereafter.
* It helped me to see other people as human beings and that they have feelings. It helped me forgive other people.
* After the first day, many things happened in my heart. I removed the veils from my eyes and I forgave my mother-in-law, treated her well and created a new relationship. I promised her that I will take care of her.
* It was motivating, interesting, encouraging, touching and very beneficial.
* It helped me in many ways, the best part is that I apologized to my parents for my mistakes.
* At first ,I was not interested in it, when I attended it, it was super cool. I really love this workshop. The most awesome workshop I ever attended.
* I feel Allah knows I needed this at this exact time so He made me attend it.
FATIMA: Before the workshop, I used to be stubborn, egoistic and an angry person. After the second day, anger went out of my character. I am at ease and happy. I have lot of family problems and financial problems, but now I have accepted this is my life, no one can change it. Forget the past and live in the present.
FARIHA: My life was stressful, worried and seemed hard. Now, I am able to differentiate between good and evil and so on. I have stopped judging and worrying about other’s opinions. The workshop has made me brave forever and taught me to be grateful to Allah. I will remain grateful to sir throughout my life for this wonderful transformation in myself. Thank You.
HAJIRA: Allah has selected you to remove the blindness, and guide people with His help. Alhamdulillah! After attending this workshop for the first time, I decided to get married and Alhamdulillah, I am married now. In this workshop, I learnt not to Judge people and do maximum good to all the creatures of Allah.
NAMMERA: I felt as though I was in a cage and I always had questions for everything, and I felt whatever is happening with me is not good and I felt I was bad. I felt no one likes me and they always do partiality, I was irritated and jealous. I felt I should not forgive everyone and even though I know the purpose of living, I did not apply it in my life. I used to pray, read the Quran, but still I always had questions. After the workshop, I felt as though my heart is pure and I do not have anything in me. I forgot everything. I started a new life.
FEMIRA: Earlier, I used to fight with my sister, after the first day of the workshop itself, I changed and I was able to feel it. I got rid of my ego, my anger my judgments, opinions comments etc… Now I am positive and I will take everything in a positive way, Inshallah. I want to implement whatever I have learnt in this workshop in my life. I will surely be a good human being. Please do not stop this workshop. May Allah give you good health to continue this workshop, Sir.
SAFIYA: I literally think that I was a dumb before this workshop. A person who knows, but does not act, who judges but not submits. I was a person who wished for a life that I wanted, but from now on, I will be a person who Allah wants me to be, and the world does not bother me anymore. I am feeling relaxed, no more burdens on me. I am happy as my family is happy. I am a human being not an “ego”.