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Humanity is above all Religions

Coming Out of Darkness to Light
Coming Out of Your Shells
Every Muslim Needs this Workshop!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organised by Abdul Razzak Kalsekar Polytechnic, New Panvel, for the management and staff of the College on April 14 and 15th 2012. Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

  • The workshop is like heart bypass operation
  • An unique workshop that builds on Quran, hadith and Islamic concepts, a gift to humanity.
  • I learnt that humanity is above all religions.
  • Every Muslim (in fact all human beings) should attend this workshop.
  • The workshop has the power to change one’s life.
  • Excellent motto to awaken and spread peace.
  • It helps to awaken the responsibilities and to discover one self.

VARSHA: I feel somewhere I have achieved the state of meditation where all my ego, questions and reasons have been removed from
my soul. I feel peaceful, delightful and blissful. Thank you for opening my eyes. It is an excellent workshop to awaken and spread peace.

MUJIB: I feel connected to God. The ultimate goal is achieved. My whole perception of life changed. My family is at peace.
RAZAK: This workshop gave me an operating lever for a way of life of peace, harmony, success and for all good actions. I am a seeker of truth, but was confused to see lots of groups and sects amongst the Muslim ummah. This workshop provided me a ‘Master Key’ for a paradigm shift (internal). I also realized huge potential inside me and space for infinite possibilities leading to peace for self and others.

JAMALUDDIN: The workshop helped in looking at my life and its inherent problems from an entirely new perspective. Before I used to blame others for all the problems, but now I look at myself and see what I can do to deal with the problem and make people around me happy. I have stopped reacting and have started to respond to situations with appropriate actions.

ANSARI: Before the workshop, my life was miserable. I was living in my own reality, judging people, making my own decisions, giving
reasons and excuses, confused in right and wrong. After the workshop, I understood the Absolute Reality and who am I. I have started to care for other people.