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Feeling Free! – Like a Bird Out of the Cage!

Let Satan Out of Your Lives
Discover Yourself Concepts are the Most Effective and the Simplest Solution to the Epidemic of Loneliness and Depression
Magical Mid-Summer Solace in Delhi!

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra organized the Discover Yourself Workshop in Nanded, Latur and Kalyan in October and November 2015. Over 800 enthusiastic people participated in these workshops.
Here, some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.


Nanded workshop


Visit to “‹Hazur Sahib Gurudwara Nanded

Lt workshop

Latur Workshop



  • Good approach to focus on human spiritual principles.
  • Truly a life changing experience, it gave me the ability to distinguish between good and evil.
  • I found it very important to understand myself and my Creator.
  • I came out of the world of anger and burden by forgiving all my near and dear one’s and now I am feeling very light and free like a bird out of the cage.
  • It is very useful for families who want to live with happiness.
  • It is a phenomenal experience and truly revolutionary. It has silenced my chatter box.
  • The workshop is an answer to all the people who do not have peace in their life.
  • A big opportunity to discover ‘Myself’. I want to say only one word, please ‘once more’.
  • I think every person must and should attend this workshop at least once in a life time.
  • My thinking and view changed, it is enjoyable, interesting, valuable and beneficial. It helped me control my ego.
  • This workshop is a God’s gift through Sadath khan.
  • I am very thankful that I got an opportunity to attend this workshop.
  • Excellent, unique, practical and interactive workshop with an Islamic touch and should be attended by everyone.

SHAQUFTA: Before attending this workshop, my life was full of questions. I was stressed, now after the third day, I believe that transformation is possible. The workshop helped me gain back my self-confidence, it really brought out the real ‘ME’ from inside, thank you sir, hope you will keep spreading the light in our lives and other people. You are a fabulous coach with a great sense of humour. God bless you.

IMAD: I was forced to attend the workshop by my father, but after attending it, I am very thankful to my father. Since two to three years I was nervous and confused in choosing a career, either to take a job or do business, now I found the reality about it. The workshop also helped me to keep my mind under control and it gave me the ability to distinguish between false and the real world. It helped me to discover myself and to believe in myself.

SALIM: I have attended many seminars, watched so many Islamic and non-Islamic videos and gathered a bed rock of information, but it was temporary. Your workshop has refreshed my Iman and has helped me change my perspective of looking at things. Your workshop has those basic tools, yet so powerful tools, if put to practice can change lives.

AZRA: I was in my own world and never realized the truth. But in these two days, I feel the changes in me. I felt very much relieved as I accepted the reality. My family members had attended the workshop before and now I feel that my family is trying to change and I am experiencing a new family, reborn. The workshop is excellent and outstanding.

ISAK: You are extraordinary. Really, the way you have facilitated the workshop for three days is marvellous. There are no words to express my feelings. The energy level you have maintained throughout is extraordinary. I pray to Almighty to give you better and better health. Every student should attend this workshop at least once. The workshop was very well organized, I congratulate the organizers.

JUNAID: It was an awesome experience
for me, after attending all the three days. As a Muslim or as a human being, we have to accept the reality and be responsible to live a peaceful, joyful and grateful life.

SUFIA: Before the workshop I was like a snake always ready to bite. Now I am in the state of ‘LA’ no blaming, no fighting. Yesterday my husband told me that “you have changed, you are calm, whatever I am saying, you are agreeing with me without any arguments. I am feeling that our life is pleasant and I should spend my time only with you. Alhamdulillah!”

TUBA: It helped me to be true to myself. Earlier, I was stubborn, stressed, depressed and angry. I never accepted the reality. But now, I found my inner peace, I am much calm and relaxed. It opened up my mind to reality and acceptance. Once in a lifetime kind of experience.