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Finding Hope in Nanded!

Entering the Heaven in this world before the Next through Discover Yourself Workshop
Bringing Positive Sparks into Our Lives!!!! Through Discover Yourself Workshop!
Understanding Value of Happiness

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organised by Wisdom Academy in Nanded on 21,22 and 23 September 2018.
Some of the participants share their experiences about the Workshop.


  • It changed my thinking and I learned to differentiate between Huq and Batil
  • I stopped judging, I learned the true meaning of Ibadat and what Allah wants from me.
  • Excellent technique for self-development. I stopped fighting with my sister and became a good human being.
  • I was in confusion. It helped me to view life from an open mind. Every human being should attend this workshop in his/her life time
  • Before I was lazy and in a denial mode, and after the workshop, I am active and became a good human being.
  • It was most beneficial for me because I am newly married and starting a new journey. I can take control of my mind and it is a very
  • big achievement for me.
  • It is an excellent workshop as it changes the man from inside. Earlier I used to react and get angry fast, but now I am in a state of
  • submission and not in denial.

TAUQEER INAMDAR: I am very thankful to Dr. Sadathullah Khan Sahib (Discover Yourself Life coach and trainer) that he helped me when I lost hope. I lost my memory, passion, emotions, relationships, hope for growth, and was confused. For one month, I could not stop my tears. But at the right time, he turned me from a human being to being humane. He removed my negativity, ego, emotional and complaining attitude. He taught me how to forgive people, how to be responsible, accountable, grateful, generous, focus on others, self-realization and connection with Allah, how to fight with satan and live in the present, out of the box. Apart from this Sadath Sir also taught me how to act and live on Quran and Hadith with my heart. Today I know who I am? I understood my biggest enemy (problem) is my mind, to stop using this, and use the heart, to be successful in both the worlds. I deleted my past, do not worry about the future, I am living in the present and enjoying today, so I am very happy now. I promise to be an asset to my family, my country and be a giver, not a taker. Jazakallah Sadat sir for your workshop held in Nanded, I came from Akola only to attend your workshop.

IFTIKHAR: In truth, I was living a boring and dissatisfied life and did not know who I am? After attending the workshop, I got the meaning of life and was able to see the truth. Before I lived in a fake and assumptive world, blaming and judging every person, but now I feel relaxed and empty in my mind. I feel my body has a heart. It is an excellent workshop. Thank you, sir.

TANVEER: I am attending it for the second time. The workshop helped me in my life to do my duties excellently. I forgave my family members and I am feeling pure, free and relaxed. If I would not have attended this workshop, I would have missed a golden opportunity to discover the ‘new me’.
SHIFA: After attending the workshop, I got a positive feeling inside me and a great change in my behavior. I left living in the past or the future and started to live in the present. I got the clarity between the heart and the mind.

RIFFAT: A journey from an animal to a human being. I got clarity to live on the straight path. I would not have come out of the box from darkness if I had not attended the workshop. I started to accept reality and I feel I discovered my true self. The workshop is interesting, excellent, worthy and joyful.