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Connecting to Oneself in Kochi

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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held on 13 and 14 July, 2018 in Kochi. Some of the Participants share their Experiences:

  • Every Muslim should attend this workshop especially those who want peace.
  • I could check on myself. I got what needs to be changed, and I am determined to practice what I got. I got self-realization about myself.
  • This workshop helped me to live in peace and relax whenever I am under stress. It helped me to get the ability to distinguish between Truth and Falsehood. It was a wonderful experience.
  • The workshop had the benchmark of “Quran.” It helped me to gain confidence by connecting me to Allah.
  • I have recognized to accept the reality in life, and it was a humorous way of presentation.
  • A unique way of presentation. I have got the realization to accept the reality of life and willingly submit to Allah for whatever happens.
  • Connecting with our Creator in every moment of life is possible if we use the techniques or tools of the workshop.
  • A very effective workshop as it helps you to travel into yourself; to find out what Tawakkal is about and thereby discover yourself.
  • This workshop should reach more people not only the elite group of society, but also the layman as it connects you with your Creator and Akhirah.
  • Understood, the dynamics of submission to God.
  • It helped me in finding inner peace. It is a workshop wherein everything gets fixed, which is precious for life.

NIMISHA: Someone recommended me to attend the workshop, and it was absolutely beneficial to me. I was an extremely sensitive person and would get easily offended by others’ opinions. But now I changed myself as I discovered it from the first-day session. Now I am very much relaxed even though I hear something bad about me from anyone.  Sir, your coaching is excellent.

SIDDIQUE:  I discovered the real ‘ME’. It was an effective presentation. It gave me the excellent experience to deal with my family and people. I shall share all my experiences and knowledge acquired in the workshop with my family and friends to motivate them to do their best in their life.