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Gaining Confidence in Goa!

Learning the Art of Living in Reality
Getting the Context Aligned!

Organised by the Board of Islamic Education, Jamaate Islami Hind, Goa, the participants had a very refreshing experience, and share their thoughts here.

* You really made a huge difference in my life. It’s like Darkness to Light.
* An easy way of learning to do the most difficult things in life.
* Last two days, I am enjoying my family life which I had not enjoyed for the last 12 years.
* I found confidence in facing people and speaking with them. It is a must for all the people.
* The workshop was very useful for recognizing my own self and making me come closer to Allah.
* I felt peace in my life and had a great experience. I loved it and came to know about myself now.
* I realized that there are many faults in me and how to change myself. It was a very excellent experience. I gained confidence.
* It is a great step for reforming an individual.
* This workshop was indeed very useful, it also worked as an anger management tool, it was life transforming and totally worth it.
* I dropped the self ‘Me’. I discovered myself.
* I had a lot of problems in my married life and due to that, I was carrying a huge burden, you helped me throw that burden off.
* Really amazing. I was forced to come here, but now I feel lucky to be here, thank you sir.
* Many concepts explained in the light of Islamic principles were beautifully presented.

SHAHEEN: Your workshop was more practical oriented. I always used to search books to find what is the ideal way of living, but I got it now, That is an Islamic way of living, how to understand and read the Quran and focus during sala”‹h”‹. This workshop was an eye opener for me. May Allah grant you happiness, health, peace in life. You are doing very good community service. I have attended Art of the Living course, but always used to think what Islam says, you showed us the path. Jazak Allah.
SUFIYA: It was a great pleasure to be at your workshop. I am sorry I could not meet you personally and thank you. Thank you so much sir. Alhamdulillah! I am so happy that Allah has blessed us with people like you. You have depicted Islam in the best way possible. I regret not bringing whole of my family to the workshop. Inshallah hope to see you soon with more of your work. May Allah bless you with success.
MADEEHA: I was a very sensitive person. I used to cry for silly reasons due to lack of confidence, silly things created tension in my mind. After attending the workshop, my perspective and view changed. I understood the purpose of life. I got solutions to all my problems. After the workshop, my family members appreciated me a lot, they said my behavior has changed. The workshop was outstanding.

LALITA NAIK: I used to view myself and others in my way. This view changed now after the workshop, and I am viewing every action in my life in Allah’s way, the submission way, and not the denial way. The workshop is a must for every human being to recognize the spiritual being in him or her. I feel this workshop should be conducted not only for Muslims, but for non- Muslims also.
IHSAN: I had never thought that living Islam can be a key to success. I was influenced by modern education and based on the worldly teachings, I was leading my life. Now I know there is none other than Allah’s way to success and only the Quran is the true guidance.
SAMEER: Actually I embraced Islam ten years ago. After that, I started reading the Quran and Hadith, but could not get certain answers to my questions. Now, after attending the workshop I got the answers and I am happy that I am I a Muslim.