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Gaining Enlightenment in Hyderabad

Very Powerful Paradigm Shift
DYS workshop is an Eye-Opener- A Must for every Human Being
The Workshop is Oxygen for Life!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organised by
“FEAT”- (Foundation for Education, Appreciation and Training), Hyderabad, on the 6, 7 and 8th December 2013.
Some of the participants share their experiences:

HUMERA: It is very inspiring. Before the workshop I was in always in tension, disturbance, not in peace and unhappy, thinking that my life is wasteful and so on. This workshop has answered my prayers on how to deal with my problems and it has relieved my tension. Now I am in the state of total peace. It opened my mind to the way of submission. I was in the world of Batil (falsehood) and now this workshop has brought me into the world of Huq (Truth), reality. Now I came to know who I am and my purpose .
AZMI: If I would not have participated I would have still lived in darkness. I found solutions for my questions. Hats off, it is mind blowing, may Allah grant you Jannah. I found peace and tranquility in my life.
FIRDOUS: I understood myself now. I was deceiving myself and I have almost discovered where the problem is occurring.
IRUM: It was extravagant! Such a workshop really helps people to transform their life. Before attending this workshop, I was living in my own world of confusion, stress and depression. But after attending this workshop, I am able to distinguish myself. I am seeing the world in a clear view. I love myself and I love the world around me now. The people who I used to hate and who I was arrogant to, I started loving them and I asked for forgiveness. My parents are really happy for me. They love me for who I am now. I gained confidence and I learnt to walk on the path of truth.
SAMINA: I was tensed always, kept the mind working. Now I am trying to put it down and trying to enjoy my life and my family. earlier all negative thoughts kept bogging me down, but Alhamdulillah, I am having a control over it. Thank you so much for changing my life and my thoughts. earlier it was Islamic Voice in 1988 and now it is you Mr.Khan- changed my life forever. Thank you so much.
SANA: True to its title, “Discover Yourself,” I have truly discovered myself. Till now, I was living in self deception, but Alhamdulillah, this workshop have enlightened me and my outlook towards life. It was a wonderful experience. Got all my answers which I have been searching for since so long. Inshallah, I will live my life in Huqq (Truth) and will follow it till the end of my life. Jazallah Khair.