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It’s That Born Again Feeling!

Getting the Context Aligned!
Discover Themselves
The Workshop is a Painkiller

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held for the students of Sana Model School, Chennai on 28,29 and 30th September 2018
Some of the students share their experiences about the Workshop.



  • It is transformational, I found inner peace, controlled my anger and learnt to distinguish between Huq and Batil. My family members were happy about my transformation, their happiness is my happiness.
  • Before the workshop, I never shared my feelings with my parents and others, but after the workshop, there is a change in me and I started to share many things with them.
  • It helped me to be calm and I felt like a newborn ‘human being’ within me.
  • This workshop helps to transform an individual and make him pure as a newborn baby.
  • Alhamdulillah, it is a great tonic for today’s generation. Most importantly, I became a human being and saw others as human beings.
  • I realized I have a heart. I feel at peace! I was searching for peace. My heart is so light. It is the best workshop. Sir, you are the best and perfect!
  • It is a reminder and practical application of Islamic hadith and Quranic verses.
  • After the workshop, I behaved very well with my parents and siblings, and I felt immense peace and calmness.
  • It revives the humanity and humane emotions hidden in human beings.
  • Now, I changed my way of life to the Islamic way of living. Usually, when my parents ask me to change, I never do, but now Alhamdulillah willingly, I changed myself.
  • There are no words to describe this workshop since it is more than just amazing. I would not have known what it is to be human, if I had not attended this workshop.
  • This workshop is very innovative for students to transform their lives. I would have missed the entertainment, and not known the way of life.


ASMA: I would like to thank sir, as he has brought a change in me. I felt as if I have been born again. I have got a rebirth. I stopped judging people with their attitudes and attire. Most important is, I stopped expressing my anger. I started to treat everyone as a human being. I started to have control over my thoughts. My family members were extremely happy seeing me controlling the anger. This workshop helped to find the weaknesses in me, and I am happy that I got to know about it, and I will try to change myself. You are doing a wonderful job Sadath Sir! Allahumma Barik!

FATIMA: I would not have been able to learn how to connect to my heart. It helped me to control my mind. It is useful for my life and very inspirational. Before the workshop, I used to always react and get angry for silly reasons. But after attending the workshop, I feel calm and good. My family members have also become closer to me now. We started treating each other as human beings. I also feel that my family members have changed because of the change in me. It was very useful and the explanation was easily understandable.

SHABEELA: It helped me to see people as human beings and even control my anger. I would have been an angry bird and impatient person if I would have not attended this workshop. Now, I can distinguish between opinion and reality, Good and evil.

SHIFA: The entire way of thinking about what is life, has changed for me. What Islam truly is, has also changed. Rationalization and realization is the best distinction I got. Before the workshop, I used to get caught up in unnecessary talk, gossips, and opinions. I would hurt people in the name of being straightforward. I never knew that the heart and mind are two separate aspects. I realized how deep it is to be in a conscious state in all the things we do.
K .M.UMAR: My life has changed after the workshop. Before the workshop, I was fighting with my friends, neighbors etc. for no reason. But now I can control my mind and see others as human beings.
M MOHD UMAR: It brought peace within me. My life was filled with anger and I was carrying ‘N’ number of people but after the workshop, I dropped them off and I am so happy and totally relieved.

ATEEQUR RAHMAN: Before the workshop, I was without any goals and without any motivation to succeed in life. But now, I have the confidence and I will be successful in life. I became a good boy for my parents. Change yourself by discovering yourself.