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The “Discover Yourself” workshop was held in Stanger, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, in March 2013. Some of the participants share their experiences after the workshop.

Life changing- the voices in my head are silenced.
Peace and clarity in my heart and in my home.
Very, very inspiring, thought provoking, life
changing and deep introspection.
Gave insight into the internal world, how to fit into Islam. Found concepts that are practical and insightful.
The workshop was insightful and a reminder for our true selves.
Eye opening, very empowering, interesting and an opportunity for self reflection.
Mind blowing and a life changing experience.
I learnt how to communicate better with my sons and spouse.
Absolutely great, may Allah bless you and keep it going.
A must for all, young and old.
Totally inspiring, I am glad I attended.
I see life with a clear eye and my conscious is fully activated. I need to start a new life.
The best way to make people realise the power Allah has given us.
It helped me to discover the real me.
The workshop helped me to forgive and view everyone as human beings and equal.
My first step towards a life changing journey.
It reminded me about the true purpose in life, i.e. serve and enjoy.
It enabled me to see myself and my faults and accept it.
A complete eye opener and very inspirational.
I had read many books and gained knowledge, but did not know how to practice, this workshop made it much easier to practice.
It made me to change from evil to good. Mind blowing.
I love this workshop. I was so depressed before and now I feel relaxed.
It has helped me to acknowledge my weaknesses.
I could take control of my life and submit to Allah.
Now I am aware of my own behaviour and take charge of the situation.
It made me conscious to submit to the Will of Allah.
It changed my view to see others without judging them.
It was very inspiring and motivating.

S.R: I was confused, hurt, angry and felt worthless. I pushed my daughter away and became distant, and after being present at the workshop, I realized I am human, I appreciate my life. I am ready to let go of my past and focus on the present. I am feeling refreshed and re energised. I am hoping to practice what I have learnt. My new journey begins “NOW”. Jazakallah, for coaching me. You are doing great service to the community.
N.B: I always saw myself as right and as a victim. My whole view of life has completely changed now. I never had any feeling for people close to me. I regarded them as objects, not human beings. I have always passed judgment and criticized my husband. It was always ‘MY WAY’. This workshop has taught me how to treat others and how to handle situations in life. I did not realize how my ‘EGO’ can destroy me and affect the people around me. I thank you for sharing this knowledge with me and for taking the time to hold this workshop.
H.P: Before the workshop, I was in darkness. But, now I can see things more clearly. I was fighting back with my loved ones all the time. But, now I will go into submission. I was trying to make my spouse support me financially, expecting him to change, therefore, all the negativity in my house. But, now I am going to let go, do it as an ibadat , I will get my reward in the hereafter.
R.T: Before the workshop, I was trapped in the pain of my past. I used to blame my pain on my spouse. I believed him to be the cause of our destruction. I acknowledge, I looked down upon him. I have hurt myself, for too long. I need to let go and release myself from this torture. I now know that my ego is the cause of all my problems. I am now moving from an unconscious being to a conscious being living in the reality of now. I am committed to making a difference in life and establishing my purpose of life.
A.A: I was stuck in a complete rut, unable to accomplish all the things I needed to. I was not able to give joy and love to him, but was filled with negativity. I was just going through the motion of life with no commitment. I realize now that it is my own shortcomings that caused my problems. I feel conscious, aware and awakened from a sleep. I now feel like there is much hope. I realized my problem areas and will try to overcome them. I am now responding rather than reacting, and seeing others as human beings. I am giving up focusing on myself. I am committed to uplifting the community. I will give all my time and wealth and material possessions as well as knowledge to serve.
F.P: I lived unconsciously, made decisions on logic and reasons, lived from my mind and treated people as objects. Now I see myself as human and see others as human beings. I make choices and take responsibility for my choices.
Y.S: My life was veering into negativity. I sought to blame others rather than take responsibility and was very judgmental. It helped me realize this and hopefully I can carry it forward. It helped me understand Islam better. It made me a better human being and I am committed to treat others as human beings. Very fulfilling workshop and I feel every person should go through this journey.
S.A: Before the workshop, I was very judgmental, had high expectations, an inflated ego and I was always right. After the workshop, I am calmer, peaceful, more conscious and appreciate more. Now my responses are based upon facts, and truth. I am now more connected to the heart and therefore connected to Allah. I am now being more human and have buried the inner beast. Started treated family as human beings and in turn got treated as a human being and not as an object.
R.M: Before I came to the workshop, I was very upset with my spouse. I told my son I am giving my marriage only a last chance and If I can make any difference from this workshop, I will try. Al-hamdulillah last night, when I went home, I started practising. The first day, the response was ok, but I know it will be better and better day by day. I will try and practice. I am very lucky to attend this workshop. I have learnt a lot and I really appreciate the good work you are doing.
M.F: My life was in a major mess before this workshop, but now I feel peaceful and happy. I love all my family members and I treat them like human beings. I learnt to forget the past and to forgive and forget. I am a much better person now. I am giving up my ego and I will stop judging people and bringing out my ‘Anaconda’. Now I know how to control my beast inside me and speak in a good way to everyone. I love this workshop, for the first few hours, I was falling off to sleep, but I was having fun afterwards.
S.M: I feel much more enlightened. More educated about myself, understood how to respond to situations, not being judgmental, and letting go of the past. Being more considerate for other people’s opinions. Understood how to control my ego, pride and shaitan.
R.K: it made me realise how selfish I have been. I now realise that I must not live in a world of assumption, but be conscious of my thoughts, word and actions, keeping in mind the consequence. I came out of the world of assumption and started to live in Allah’s world of reality.
F.O: My life was not clear, full of judgments, mis trust and opression, but now I have a clear view of how I have been towards others and now I have a clear view of how others view me. I have learned that submitting is my own will to do so and by submitting, it brings me closer to Allah.
J.A: I was a control freak, needed to be in command and a perfectionist. It opened my eyes to the way I deal with others, my children and colleagues. It taught me to relax, let go and be myself within the limits of Islam.
S.E: I am looking at my family with new eyes. It has assisted in changing my approach to all my daily challenges and thus allowing me to be a better human being. Since I attended the workshop, I am ready to embark on my new journey. The workshop is remarkable, amazing and life changing.
A.D: I accepted that I am flawed and was able to identify that I am driven by my ego. I am a slave of my perfectionist trait. My physical well being has been taking a beating due to my highly strong life. I know now that change and peace is from within me. May Allah make my submission easy for me. Thank you for your time and sharing your life changing wisdom.
N.V: There were too many voices in my head, I was on medication, saw psychiatrists and psychologists, nothing offered me as much clarity in my heart and head as this workshop has. I now feel peaceful, content and grateful. I was fighting a battle within me for a very, long time, trying to fit into the western world and views. I wish we could share this with non-Muslims also.
A.B: I did not know how to break out of my self pity. I know now to accept that the choices made, are mine. I have stopped blaming him for my state of mind. Now I can appreciate Allah’s bounties.
H.B: I was angry. Looking for attention, had low self esteem and was depressed. After the workshop, I am free from this and I am not sulking anymore. I have submitted. The choices you have to make have to come from within you.
N.O: The workshop reminded me to take a step back and view others and especially close family members (who often bear the brunt of my anger and frustrations) as human beings. I am a divorcee and I have a lot of resentment about my three years of marriage (why did I marry him and threw my life away). This workshop opened my eyes to submission. Whatever has happened is gone and I cannot let it impact my present. I found the workshop insightful and beneficial.
S.T: I have let go off all the baggage. I feel much lighter. I can go and give these insights to all my friends and colleagues at my work.
A.S: I was lost, did not know how to deal with my day to day problems. The workshop gave me the tools to be able to deal with life’s challenges. I am willing to stop being domineering, nagging, and being a perfectionist. I tried fixing everyone else besides myself.
S.G: I was full of regrets and was having a heavy heart. Felt sorry for myself. I am always angry. I feel lighter now and I see myself in better light. I want to be closer to Allah and feel I got the answers, tools that I can use to do that.
R.E: I am glad that I made the decision to attend the workshop since it has provided me the useful tools to live in Allah’s world and not in my own world. The workshop assisted in my shifting my mindset and changing my views in order to be true to myself.