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Opening Doors To Clarity

The workshop changed me from Human Being to Being a Human
The Concept of Submission

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Bahrain on
7, 8 and 9 February 2019 for women at Al Eslah Society.

Some of the Participants Share their Experiences:
“¢ This workshop helped me to explore the inner side of me, to realize the absolute reality.
“¢ I was very sensitive and emotional before those opinions, judgments used to hurt me a lot and I used to cry. After the workshop, I learned how to let go and move on.
“¢ It broadened my horizon. I turned quieter as compared to three days ago. I am more aware of the present.
“¢ The workshop was a reminder to me spiritually. I stopped myself from being judgmental about others.
“¢ It helped me in not reacting to the people around me. It enabled me to remove my ego within me. I treat everyone as a human being now. It was excellent, Mashallah.
“¢ I was frustrated, but now I am satisfied with my life.
“¢ I feel more peaceful from inside and relaxed. I can let go of my fear of the future, marriage, education etc, now I am relaxed. I will not live in the past, will submit myself to Allah and accept the reality willingly. Just amazing!!
“¢ It is development and nourishment of self and soul.
“¢ Before, a hundred different thoughts and inability to make decisions. Now, a clear mind. My inner self feels at peace. An eye-opener.
HUMA: This workshop opens the doors to clarity and connection to self. Knowledge of human doing and human being helped me clarify life using what, how, and who questions. It’s a great tool to use in everyday life to keep on track.
MUNEEZA: Before the workshop, I lost my temper in some hard situations but after this, I have turned into a calm person. I know how to manage myself and my family. I feel inner-peace. This workshop is amazing. We can discover ourselves. I see all human beings as equal and create equally.
ABEER: It was a good experience. I was struggling with my life and myself in general. Though not all my questions and issues are resolved. I have picked up a few techniques to analyse myself.
FATIMA: It helped me realize that sometimes we are looking at things with the wrong perspective. My life before was unclear because of the glasses I wore. After the workshop, I have a clear vision. I can make choices from the heart and accept reality. An eye-opener.
SITI: Before the workshop, I was rational and all my life using logic and reason. I created my own world with my opinions, and I did blind with this reality of mine. Thank you, sir, for taking me out of my reality and bringing me into the Absolute Reality, if not I would have lived with my own opinion forever.
MEMONA: It helped me to be more aware of myself and to share with others. I learned a lot, even though I already know lot of things about Islam, but it was a good reminder in a different light. Amazing experience for souls to find the Truth. It is a beautiful treasure that cannot be stolen.