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“For Those Lost in Life! The Workshop is the Leading Light!
Schedule of Discover Yourself Workshop

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Bangalore on 6,7 and 8 July,  2018 at BET Sadathunnisa Degree College,(Girls) Bismillah Nagar, Bangalore. Over 175 students participated in the workshop and some of them share their experiences.

  • Every person who is facing pain in the world, to overcome the pain, this workshop is like a painkiller.  It is amazing and life-changing.
  • I am feeling relaxed and satisfied with the willingness of accepting the reality.
  • I changed myself. Before I used to fight with my brother and now I hugged him and said sorry, now we both are happy, and my parents are happy with my  behavior.
  • This workshop made me live in the present instead of past and thinking about the future.
  • I was living in assumptions till 6th July. After three days, my life changed automatically.
  • Before this workshop, I could not control my anger, and I had stage fear, and now I have overcome anger and the stage fear. My family is shocked to see the changes in me.
  • Before, my mother uses to force me to do work or prepare tea. After the workshop, before mom would say I prepared and gave it, she was quite happy.

ANJUM: Before the workshop, I used to be in the past or future, and I had never experienced what it is to live in the present. After attending this workshop for three days, I found a new ‘ME’. Before, I have not realized that I was under the control of my mind, but now I can feel the new change in me, the peace, satisfaction which I always wanted to feel it, but I did not know the way.  I wholeheartedly thank Allah that he gave me an opportunity to attend this workshop and wholeheartedly thank sir, who has changed my life. Thank You, sir.

TASMIYA: The workshop was wonderful. I practised what I learned, in my home; now all are loving me more than before. I used to fight with my brothers, mother, and father and now after attending, I stopped fighting and my family is happy, and I too feel awesome from this. Thank you, sir, and, I am very thankful to our college (Crescent first grade college) management for sending us to this workshop. I have changed my lifestyle.