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Transformative Insights: A Journey from Struggle to Joy
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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Bangalore on 27, 28 and 29 July 2018 at the Indian Social Institute, Benson town. Some of the participants share their experiences about the Workshop.

  • The workshop is unique as it helps us accept the reality, through a lot of analysis and examples. It helped open up new horizons of viewing things.
  • It helped me realize Islam in its true perspective, implement Islam in my life and to keep control of my actions.
  • It is one of the most interesting Islamic gatherings I have ever attended. It refreshed my Iman and my patience.
  • The workshop has given me clarity about Islam, the purpose of life and Truth. I have understood that I have to live according to the will of Allah, not my will and guide people from darkness to light.
  • This workshop helped me to introspect myself and distinguish between truth and falsehood, good and evil, internal and external life, control anger and treat everyone as human beings.
  • I would highly recommend this workshop to those willing to change their life and come to reality.

FAIZULLA: Before, it was a routine ritualistic life, not much passion and energy, without clear perspective and direction. After the Workshop, I got a reasonable perspective and direction. Inspired to live a life of purpose and contribution. It made me sober, relaxed, happy and peaceful. I was able to distinguish that my family members also are unique and have their own opinions and we should respect them and accept them as they are. It helped me realize and understand basic principles of life, the causes, reasons and conflicts and the ways to transform from mind to heart- True success principles. It was a life changing experience.

BASHA: I have been practically applying the tools from the day I attended the workshop since 2007. Now I got a chance to refresh it. You are my inspiration and a role model in the training industry. I quit my job in Dubai and have started my training company. It is the need of the hour and has to reach all human beings.

SAAD: The workshop has cleared many concepts with respect to Islam and has helped to focus on the reality and submission. I was in the very negative frame of mind, always trying to point fingers at people. I had almost resigned into saying “nothing will change or improve, especially in politically or social issues”. After three days my perspective has changed.

SUMAIYA: It helped me realize that I was in my own world and I was in darkness. As my life was going in negativity, I really felt free and on the second day of the workshop I felt that all my pain and burden went away. On the third day, I felt so happy and I felt everything new about me. Everywhere I felt happiness, Alhamdulillah!. I loved the workshop as it benefited me a lot.