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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Qatar, Doha at the
Fannar Islamic Center, on 21, 22 and 23, APRIL, 2016.
Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

  • I was able to control my anger and when the situation went against me, the workshop helped to distinguish the source of my negative energy.
  • Excellent, I felt calm, peaceful and satisfied fully for the first time in my life.
  • It is very interesting, knowledgeable, funny, nice and amazing.
  • I used to complain and blame my sister and after the workshop I have stopped doing that.
  • The workshop made me accept the reality and focus on solutions instead of blaming.
  • First time I attended in 2010 and I gained lot of things in my life since then.
  • I am able to distinguish between good and evil.
  • I benefited by moving out of the denial state to the submission state.
  • I found myself as a calm person and seeing all people as human beings.
  • This workshop gave me a perspective to develop myself, keeping in front Allah and His book.
  • It was informative and insightful from the perspective of Islam.

MAHFOZE: It is a life changing experience. After the workshop, I really feel the change, I feel I am in control of myself. I thank Allah for providing me the opportunity. I ask Him to keep me steadfast.

INTHIQUAB: It was very valuable, a life changer and very different and distinct perspective never heard before.

RIZWANA: The Workshop helped me realize most of my minor mistakes and I corrected them. I have seen a great change in my husband. In every way I see a great improvement in him. All praise be to Allah alone.

RASHIDA: Before the workshop, my head was full of voices. I was controlled by my inner voice and I had no idea about it. I was someone who panics a lot, loses temper very quickly, always thought about the outcome, before doing anything and I always thought negative. After the workshop, I could control my inner voice to some extent. I responded better with my kids when they were naughty and they did see a difference in me.