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The Concept of Submission

Sadathullah Sir is a Legend!
Re-Inventing Yourself in the Kingdom of Dates and Deserts !
Discover Yourself Workshop

Discover Yourself in Atlanta on 1, 2 and 3 June, 2012

* Everyone needs this. I needed a lot of answers to questions and the workshop, gave the answers which I was looking for a long time.

* It is very thought provoking.

* It has helped me rethink about how I handle myself in different situations.

* The workshop helped me to listen to my wife and helped me be focused. Communication between my wife and I have The Concept of  Submission Discover Yourself in Atlanta on 1, 2 and 3 June, 2012 got better after only two sessions. We both applied what we learned  in the workshop.

* The concept of submission struck me the most and this is what I need to practise.

* It is very practical.

* It made me conscious of my every action, thinking how Allah would want me to behave and react. Do all my actions through Allah’s  perspective.

* Clarity of concepts and learned awesome techniques and thought provoking.

* The workshop was eye opening and practical.

* Prior to the workshop, I had a lot of baggage, constant negative chatter in my mind, and many questions. The workshop helped me to clear all my questions and could now take control of my chatter box. It made me realize that the constant chatter is detrimental to my  journey in seeking Allah. Jazakallah Khairan- for a life changing and liberating workshop. I feel unveiled! Alhamdulillah