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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held on the 4,5 and 6th November 2016, at the Al-Ameen Mission Campus, Khalatpur, Howrah, West Bengal.
Around 140 Admin Faculty of all their 54 Branches Participated and on the 12, 13 and 14 November 2016, the Discover Yourself Workshop was organized by The Sirri Saqti Foundation (TSSF.) at Aliah University, Park Circus Campus, Kolkata. Over 120 people participated.
Here Some of the Participants Share Their Experiences:

  • I came on the first day as an empty bucket and going out with a bucket full of knowledge and manners. This workshop is truly life changing.
  •  A complete workshop for a person, for his behavior, attitude change and coming out as a new personality from the shell.
  •  I have learnt how to connect to Allah concentrating on my Salah.
  • Excellent, marvelous and it purified my soul. My experience about this workshop is too good. I cannot explain it. I got so much benefit and my feeling is that I feel very different in my personality.
  • It is one of the amazing workshops I have ever attended. I did not only get to learn things, but many unanswered questions have been answered. It has really taught me the correct meaning of success.
  • Amazing experience, you actually ‘Transform Within”. Very different workshop and should be hosted again with massive turnout.
  • It was an amazing and enlightening experience. I would lose my anger easily (especially on family members) but in these 2-3 days, not a single incident happened where I lost my temper.
  • I am just a new born baby.
  • The workshop was very practical and conducted in a humorous way.

NILANJAN MITTER: The workshop is wonderfully structured.. There were some areas I was working on but now I have a good structure and format to make it easy and rapid. I am already seeing results while doing this workshop and I will use these tools by periodically refreshing the notes. The meaning of ego is clearer after the workshop. Thank you Sir!

FARHEEN: It is a life time experience which changes one’s life very positively. My life was very stressful, painful with fights and anger. After the workshop, my life has become calm, serene and peaceful. I am in a serene and happy state of mind. My internal heart has again become pure and clear. I experienced a soul washing and heart purification feeling. I feel that my internal self has become soft with love, care and concern for others. I feel like I am on top of the world. My family members have also felt that positive changes in me. They say that I have become a listener without judging or dominating others with my opinions. I will give up my ego. I feel that I have come very closer to my family members and the bonding has become stronger.

SHAZIA: Before the workshop, I feel like I was not taking my actions and words seriously, and I was living under peer pressure and judging people a lot. After the workshop, I have come to realization of my actions and how much of wrongdoings, I have been doing. I see my family in a different way. I have changed after this workshop and I feel blessed. You are doing a really amazing job. I aspire to be a psychiatrist and I really want to become like you. Thank you Dr. Khan!

AYESHA: It has been very useful and helpful to me as it let me introspect my inner potential and abilities which were hidden behind veil. I have benefited tremendously from this workshop. Initially I was easily provoked and used to react. The concept of ‘LA’ and let-go -forgiveness helped a lot. I am really grateful to Allah for giving me this opportunity. This workshop is unbelievably an excellent gift from Allah and was bestowed to us in the form and guidance /coach of Dr Khan.

FURQAN: When I was in a way to attend the workshop, there was lot of tension, problems and struggle in life. After attending the session every day, I am getting happy and lighter. It gave me lots of tools to solve personal and professional issues

MAKHDOOM (12yrs): Before I went to the workshop, I was very rude to my parents and my friends, but after attending the workshop I started respecting my parents and friends. I make a commitment that I will avoid judgments.

MONIRUL ISLAM: This was a great opportunity to change myself. I am feeling better and in peace. I am not able to express in words and I shall live my whole life in this state and create a new future for my life.