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Getting Out of the Box in Ramanagaram!

It’s That Born Again Feeling!
The Workshop has Made Me Discover the Way of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Ramanagaram district on 1,2 and 3 December 2018 for Madrasa students. It was organised by Mahmoodiya Education and Research Centre (MERC), Agalakote, Magadi, Ramnagaram Dist in Karnataka.
Over 40 students from various madrasas participated in the Workshop.

These three days were the best days of my life.    
My life changed because I had a lot of bad habits and now, I left them. I will not be selfish, and I will teach this to others and my family.

Before the workshop, I had so much anger and now I can control myself. I cannot believe that this workshop changed my lives and my ideas, my conceptions and my thoughts. Thank you so much.

This workshop should be held in all the big madrasas. Before the workshop, I was sleeping and in negligence but now, this workshop has brought within me realization and awakened my consciousness. This workshop is very beneficial for inner (batin) transformation.

I have spent 9 years in a madrassa, but for the first time, I realized only getting knowledge is not enough, but we must be good human beings.

This kind of workshop should be hosted in madrassas because they think they know everything. The workshop opened the light of my mind, till now, I was in darkness despite my studies.

Before the workshop, my life was like a trap, but after the workshop, I feel I am free and very happy. The workshop is very good for making us good human beings. The best benefit I got is, I feel peace within and contentment in my life, before that, I was looking worried and panic.

I was not feeling fine, but after coming to this workshop, my behavior changed. This workshop can change our life, if we live according to it. My life has changed.

This workshop is useful for changing the society.andnbsp;andnbsp;

Before the workshop, I was not able to distinguish between the heart and mind, but now I am able to distinguish it clearly. I cannot explain the benefits I got in this short space of time.

My life was full of sadness, I was always thinking of the past or the future, but now, I am totally free. I shall treat everyone mercifully.

It was beneficial for me and I thank the coach for giving us useful information.

This workshop was the best turning point in my life.andnbsp;andnbsp;andnbsp;
I was wrong in many ways and now I feel relieved. This is very useful for all humanity. May Allah bring success in your work and spread the light.

This workshop is very useful for my life. andnbsp;I felt something was missing in my life and had many questions arising in my mind but now everything is clear, and I am feeling good.

This workshop is useful for all human beings. Alhamdulillah, I felt some changes in my thinking and actions. I started thinking positive and gave up making other people wrong.

Before the workshop, I was thinking from my mind and after the workshop, I started to think and act everything from my heart. Due to this workshop, I feel some changes in myself.

This workshop is good and very useful for my life.

My life before the workshop was in darkness and after the workshop, I am feeling light and good. This workshop is useful for those who want to change their life.

Inshallah I will live my life according to this workshop. Keep up this task and never give up, one day you be successful, and Allah will bless you in both the lives.

Alhamdulillah! This workshop was very good.andnbsp; I learnt many things and I was able to remove the ego from inside me. I will practise and share this knowledge with others.

This workshop is useful and excellent because now I can live peacefully. Through this workshop, many changes will come in people’s life. If you continue this workshop, it will help bring changes in people and I pray to Allah for taking the workshop to bigger heights.

In this workshop, I got the ability to distinguish between Haqq and Batil. I learnt to forgive people and see and treat everyone as human beings.

This workshop is excellent, I want to attend this again and again. I will try to act up it, Inshallah.

It is very beneficial for this present time, I knew everything that was said, but was not clear how to implement it.

I was stuck in the past or the future with many problems, but now, I am feeling free after attending this workshop.

*Before I was not having peace but now, Alhamdulillah, I am having peace. This kind of workshop should be held in different places.

This workshop has awakened and reminded me of the sayings of our great scholars who said knowledge is one thing and action is another. Both are necessary. Action without knowledge will lead to ignorance and knowledge with no actions is lame. This is what I got from this workshop.

I have changed myself. This workshop in future can bring in a revolution in the society. May Allah grant success to you and we are thankful and grateful to you.andnbsp;andnbsp;andnbsp;andnbsp;andnbsp;andnbsp;andnbsp;andnbsp;

This workshop is very useful, I got control over my anger and it changed my perspective. Everyone must attend this workshop as it changes the perspective of life.andnbsp;

Before the workshop my life was in the box. I was feeling that I am in search of something in my life and I was experiencing that it may not be possible to achieve anything even after hard work. But after the workshop, I could see that it is possible to achieve what I want in my life.

I learned many new things in this workshop and this workshop should be held in every city. andnbsp;In this present time, this workshop is a necessity. This is the first time I had an opportunity to attend such a workshop and I benefitted a lot. In the workshop, I got the answers to many questions that were lingering in my mind for years.

In this workshop I learned many things. Before the workshop, I judged and saw others with different perspectives and now I see them equally with one perspective as human beings.andnbsp;