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‘Heart Blowing’ Discover Yourself Workshop in Hyderabad!! Powerful and Life Changing!!

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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held on 28,29 & 30 January 2022. It was organized by The Quran Foundation, Hyderabad, at the Al-Qurmoshi Institute Of Business Management, Opp Peeli Dargahg, Barkas, Hyderabad.

The participants share their experiences about the Workshop:

• I felt the feeling of ‘RE-BIRTH.’ It helped me in all areas of my life. Thank you, Sadath Sir, and I will commit to following your teachings.
• I realized the mistakes I was making till today. This Workshop is the need of the hour for the Ummah.
• My anger is in control, I am giving up making others wrong, and my mind is free from questions.
• I became aware of myself and nafs. Now I am free from all tensions.
• The Workshop helped me to reconnect to Allah. I am willing to give up my addictions and control my anger.
• It was the best moment of my life. I learned how easily we could leave the past and the future and live in the present.
• It helped me to understand the power of my word and to unleash the power of my heart. I have realized the power of Allah, and it is just ‘HEART’ Blowing.
• If I had not attended this Workshop, I would have achieved a lot in my life, but at the cost of my peace, self-acceptance, and worth.
• I am thankful to the Quran Foundation for organizing such a powerful workshop that helped us reflect and introspect our lives. It changed my perspective of seeing the world in a better way. I shall see and treat everyone as a human being because this is the path for being a human and being a Muslim.
• After the Workshop, my family members were shocked by my positive, pleasing attitude and behavior when I reached home. I got the ability to distinguish what is good and what is evil.
• The curtains of ‘EGO blinded me.’ The Workshop helped me remove my blindness. I feel better now, not blinded by ego. Now, I see everyone as equal and do not attack anyone with my words.
• I learned in the Workshop that denial is my mind, and acceptance is my heart. I got the ability to distinguish between the external and internal world. Alhamdulillah, I am grateful that I met Sadath Sir.
• Very well explained, very simple, touches your heart, very practical, valuable, and living a happy life of cordial relationships. A golden, rare opportunity would have been missed if I had not attended it.

ISHTHIYAQ: This Workshop is a life-changing experience, self-realization, cleansing, and myth about Almighty. 100% – I would have missed the journey of discovering myself. Being a Muslim, I had never calibrated the small things, like, words, action, activity, and communication and their importance. It is not our prayers, fasting, or zakat which will make us a Muslim, but the Workshop gave me a broad definition of a Muslim, and I will try to follow the path shown and explained in the Workshop.

AMEENA: The Workshop was very good, as I was before an overthinking person. It is the best place to discover yourself. I find many differences in myself. I lived in the past and now living in the present, focusing on others and not blaming. I got the distinction between zahiri and Batini. I would have missed many valuable learnings if not attended the Workshop. I am giving up my ego and stopped reacting to unnecessary things. I started behaving well with others, seeking Allah’s love, and being grateful for the things He has blessed us.

SAMIUDDIN: Life was monotonous before the Workshop, eating, job, sleeping. Now there is meaning to life. I realized the importance of things God has gifted me. It helped and reminded me to differentiate between good and evil. It reminds and trains the mind to make mindful decisions. This Workshop is needed more than anything else.

SHAFIULLA: Alhamdulillah, it was very beneficial; InshaAllah, I will try to apply and think through my heart before taking any decision. Allah swt blessed me with the Towfeek to attend this Workshop. I changed a lot after the Workshop. I could realize how Satan brings fitna within us. I will give up my ego and try to honor my word inshallah.

AZIZ: This Workshop organized by Quran Foundation was amazing. It cleared my view of seeing and way of thinking. Before the Workshop, I was confused and unable to understand the moral values, respect, family trends, and social aspects. This Workshop taught me how to deal with day-to-day problems from an Islamic perspective. And to face the truth and reality. It has allowed me to express myself clearly to others. My family noticed the changes in my attitudes and the confidence I got.

SADIYA: Excellent and fantastic to help us know ourselves and the reality. Great energy boosted our understanding of life and showed the path to reaching Jannah. It helped me to understand my faults. Before the Workshop, I inhaled every opinion and always regretted that ‘I am bad,’ but my Qareen let me down in every step. After the Workshop, I got the technique of what to listen to and what not to. It set me free from the burden of the past, to love one another for the sake of only Allah, and to focus more on my path to Jannah.

SAYEEDUDDIN: Discover Yourself workshop is excellent, simple, and easy to understand with reference to our practical life in light of the Quran and Sunnah with the modern way of life. Say end to evil and start practicing to transform to make Allah and the Prophetic way of life. By not attending this Workshop, I would have missed the structured strategy that Sadath saheb has provided in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

ETHESHAM: This Workshop is life-changing, most valuable, simple, easy to understand, but very difficult to implement in life. But I have decided to start implementing from now only. It cleared the concept of reality, leading a happy, righteous, and peaceful life. Islam was made easy in this Workshop. All my prayers will be from my heart, and now, I am responsible for spreading love to everyone. I will personally hug every near and dear, look into their eyes with love and compassion, will forgive them, and ask for forgiveness. I am determined to spend time with my near and dear ones and with my Creator, who is very Compassionate and Merciful.