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Letting Go of Depression in Darbhanga!
Detoxifying the Heart! Connecting to Reality!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Hyderabad on 10, 11 and 12 July  2018.  There were over 100 participants.
Some of the Participants share their Experiences:

  • It helped me in overcoming my anger.
  • I learned to distinguish between Reality and Opinion. It was a very good experience.
  • If I had not attended this workshop, I would have missed peace in my life.
  • Such workshops should be encouraged more as it enlightens the faith and beliefs of Islam.
  • My life was in depression before the workshop. I was in guilt, and this workshop helped me to overcome my guilt and depression.
  • Now I am feeling relieved and happy.
  • A heart  touching workshop.
  • After attending the workshop, I have realized that Satan rules on my mind and now I have learned how to stop him ruling my mind.
  • I discovered myself, and I surrendered myself to Allah and accepted the reality. It was amazing and wonderful.
  • The workshop was excellently presented with practical examples to discover our self and to transform our self.
  • After the workshop, my consciousness increased. I have become vigilant in exercising my tongue properly.
  • Before I was in the box, and after attending the workshop, I am out of the box. It’s phenomenal. You helped me recognize who I am?
  • After attending the workshop, I felt tension free.

AYESHA: Before the workshop, I had so much anger, and I used to tell my friends and relatives that ‘I know everything.’ I used to scold my children and was carrying the burden of the past. After the workshop, my anger disappeared, and now I am free from the burden of the past.
MALIHA: I learned to introspect myself, after knowing my shortcomings, I stopped blaming others. I learnt the purpose of life. An eye-opener! The most practical workshop that I have ever attended.
NISHA: The workshop is brilliant, everyone should attend this workshop many times. I thank Allah that he has given me a chance to attend this workshop. My family members feel so happy because I have changed. After the workshop, I got to know the importance of parents and family. I love to help and care for them. I am so glad to have met you, sir.
FARHEEN: Living in a modernized world, people rarely find time for themselves. Personality development is really important for every individual as it helps them in nurturing their widened thoughts and enlighten Iman with strength. When Iman is stronger, there is no fear, and this will build strong relationships with family, friends, and Allah. Such workshops will help everyone with a strong foundation and thereby improve the well-being everywhere.
NUZHAT:  My life has completely changed. My mind and heart are cleansed, and I got a new perspective to see life. Before the workshop, I was carrying some burden and unconsciously was making some mistakes and now after forgiving and letting go off the burden, I am free.
HUMAIRA: My life before, was filled with a lot of whys? And denials. In these three days of the workshop, I have learned how to transform my dissatisfaction into satisfaction.
FATIMA: I was just living my life without knowing what is good and evil, after attending the workshop, I got the ability to distinguish. I came to know the reality of life and how Satan works on us, how he forces us to do certain things and how we can overcome this. A very motivating and valuable workshop.
AMATUR:  Before, I could not understand why my  behaviour  was different with different people. In my mind, I hated this ‘hypocrisy’ of mine. After the workshop, I understood that my behavior depends on my perception of that person and on how that person treats me. The coach is a wonderful orator! This feedback is incomplete without some appreciation to the man who stands for hours together, so much of energy!
WADOOD: It helped me in the self-evaluation of my life’s perspective and made me self-aware of threats and opportunities. Before, there was no clear distinction between the outer and inner world. After the workshop, my distinction between true and false was very clear.
ZAFAR: It made me realize some of my hidden traits. It also helped me to practise Islamic principles in my day to day life.

RIYAN: Before, I was always fearing and judgmental, but this workshop has changed the way of thinking and brought me closer to my life goals. It is a life-changing opportunity. I became a human being before I was just human.
SHAKEER: Before I was not able to concentrate in the salah. After the workshop, I am praying salah with concentration with a word for word feeling. I am carefully speaking and I can control my anger. Thank you, sir. I have forgiven my friends who cheated on me.
MUJTABA: I am a working professional, before attending the workshop, I was faced with multiple problems, such as anger and frustration.The workshop was a wonderful experience, and I have got all the solutions to my problems.