Muslim Shop Owners Highlight Mercy of Islam by Forgiving Burglars

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Leicester, England: The owners of a coffee shop in Leicester, England were left devastated after burglars broke into their shop, taking valuables and causing damage to property. However, despite feelings of anger and frustration, they decided to forgive the burglars, motivated by their Islamic faith. They posted a message of forgiveness on the shop’s window hoping the burglars would see it.
Omar, one of the owners of the Saints of Mokha coffee shop, said: “Unfortunately we were recently burgled, everything that could have been taken was taken and everything that they didn’t take was unfortunately smashed. We saw it as an opportunity to react to it in the way our religion teaches us to, in a compassionate and forgiving manner. We wanted this to be a message to everybody out there that, to be the bigger person, to treat the situation with kindness and compassion.”