Peace Initiative ‘Sabka Bharat Campaign’ Launched in Delhi

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Remembering Our Mother, Begum Khursheed Khwaja

New Delhi: In a press meet last fortnight, addressed by Mohan Philip, Annie Raja, Apoorvanand, Sunaina Singh, Shabnam Hashmi and Arun Philip, Sabka Bharat campaign, an initiative to bring democratic forces together for the peace process, was launched. The statement from the meet reads as “ An increasing number of us are very concerned about the direction this nation is being thrust into. The threat is clear and imminent. It’s destroying the fundamental idea of India ““ its diversity and its inclusiveness.” It further said, “The constitution that secures and guarantees justice, liberty, equality of all and thereby the brotherhood of all regardless of caste, creed, gender or religion is being put aside with a promise of a new system. The rule of Law has been overtaken by mob violence and the powerful have become indestructible. Divisions are being created which will haunt generations to come.” “Sabka Bharat campaign is an appeal to all the people to stand against these forces that wreck our nation. It will work to bring all democratic forces to come together not for political survival but to safeguard the core fabric of this nation,” said the speakers. Sabka Bharat campaign will be launched initially in the districts of a few states beginning from UP and then to Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra and then expand to other states. The campaign will be in the form of creative rallies at district head quarters, using placards, masks, songs, short speeches and street theatre.