School Kids and Grown Ups Go Green on World Environment Day 2015

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Bangalore: On the 5th of June, World Environment Day, 2015, the initiative in support of “One Tree By One Person” was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Magnifique Public School on Kanakapura Main Road.
The green event, in a serene location, attracted a huge crowd that consisted of people of all age groups. The event was educational and entertaining.
Environmentalist U.S. Moinuddin the Founder of the global environment movement, One Tree By One Person introduced the concept of the movement to the audience and said, “To plant a sapling and seeing it grow is a wonderful feeling. If you have not planted a tree, you have missed something wonderful in your life.” He further stated, “If space constraint is stopping you from planting a sapling near your home, there is always a possibility that you can find a place somewhere near to your office, school, college, or even your native village, where you can ask someone to take care of it, on your behalf.”
The event brought together fitness experts, educationists, scientists, musicians and filmmakers.
Tilotamma Shrinivasa, CTO of Peach Engineering Private Limited, introduced to the audience the use of Honge seeds as Biofuel and its utility in running engines and gensets.
Motivational Speaker for fitness and environment, Wanitha Ashok said, “It was my privilege to be at Magnifique Public School campus on the World Environment day. It was a moment of happiness to be a part of One Tree By One Person and get into history. Exposure to environment conservation and caring for plants should start at an early age. We have only one planet to stay in, so let’s take good care of it.” CEO and MD of AIME Bangalore, Bilu M.V, said, “Our government should encourage all NGO’s to support One Tree By One Person. It is an amazing environment movement for a greener and better tomorrow.”
Filmmaker and MD of Foresee, Bala Gandhekar said, “One Tree By One Person is an amazing initiative, I strongly believe that every individual should take this very seriously and support the movement by plant a sapling each.”
Chairman of Aryan Education Academy, and Chief Executive Editor of Cheer Times magazine, Dr. S. Mazhar Nawaz, said, “I am looking forward for One Tree By One Person to reach every corner of our nation and also beyond.”
Nayeem A.R. CEO and M.D. Peach Engineering Private Limited said, “One Tree By One Person is a unique and practical concept. Together, let us join hands to make the Earth, a greener place to live in.”
The dignitaries planted Mahogany trees during the occasion. Many students from various schools and colleges participated in the painted faces and crazy environmental costumes event. Skits were also played by a group of students giving the message of environmental conservation.
Professor Udipi Shrinivasa, Emeritus, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science was also present at the event.