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By Firdos Tarannum
It was during the month of Ramzan. My younger brother and his friends were praying in the mosque, and a man who was late for the prayers started forcefully budge into the line of kids. He wanted to get to the front. But these kids didn’t move because the prayer had already begun. The man began to yell at them and guess what? he ultimately beat them! Can you imagine! My brother had tears in his eyes. He declared: “I will not go back to the masjid”.
But praise be to God, this problem was resolved by the elders.
When children enter a mosque, we ought not to look at them as if they have entered a prohibited area. Just because they may not be well dressed or they may make noise we shouldn’t be harsh with them or rude to them.
When children enter a mosque, they should be welcomed with a smile so that they feel at home and enjoy coming there again and again. We ought not to chase them away from goodness. When someone comes into the mosque, give space for them. Perhaps God will make space for you in Jannah for that good deed
(Firdos Tarannum is pursuing her degree course at SKDS College, Sindhanur, and also teaches at Holy Family School, Sindhanur).