Arab Leaders gather in Bahrain for Gaza summit

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Arab Leaders gather in Bahrain for Gaza summit

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According to Voice of America, Arab leaders mainly members of the Arab League gathered on Thursday, May 16, in Bahrain’s capital to participate in a meeting focused on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

This is the second summit of Arab leaders since the start of Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip. The previous meeting of Arab League members was held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Despite condemning Israel’s attacks, these countries have so far taken no practical steps to stop the attacks.

Voice of America, citing a political analyst in Kuwait, reported that this time, Arab leaders are likely to take action as global support for a two-state solution Israeli and Palestinian has increased.

It is worth noting that the Israeli war cabinet’s approval of a ground attack plan on Rafah has elicited strong reactions from countries including the United States and the European Union.