Artistic Marvels Thrill Visitors  at Balad Al-Fann

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Artistic Marvels Thrill Visitors at Balad Al-Fann

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JEDDAH: The Artisan’s Lane at Al-Balad stands as a testament to Saudi arts and crafts, offering an immersive experience for visitors eager to explore traditional textiles, pottery, and woodwork. Organized by Zawiya 97, this initiative not only preserves ancient crafts but also provides a platform for hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, and master classes.

Ahmed Angawi, CEO of Zawiya 97, views this dynamic hub as more than just a commercial venture, emphasizing its role in fostering creativity, skill-sharing, and community bonds. The increased foot traffic in Al-Balad has propelled local artisans to new heights of success, with demand for their goods and services reaching unprecedented levels.

Recently, 18 artisans from Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Uzbekistan showcased their craftsmanship at Artisan’s Lane, demonstrating carpet weaving, soap making, ceramic art, rug weaving, and Arabic calligraphy. Angawi stressed the importance of empowering talented artisans to monetize their crafts, positioning Zawiya 97 as a vital participant in the Balad Al-Fann festival.

Among the featured artisans is Shorsh Saleh, a Kurdish mixed media artist whose works explore themes of migration, borders, and identity. Another standout is Hashim Al-Shawi, a Saudi business development expert renowned for his handcrafted soaps infused with local ingredients and traditional methods.

Inside his studio, visitors are mesmerized by Ayoob Abdul Hameed’s intricate Arabic calligraphy, which he describes as conveying harmony, grace, and beauty. The ongoing Balad Al-Fann festival, themed “Past Forward,” offers a myriad of projects combining light and sound, music, theatrical performances, exhibitions, and culinary delights, promising an unforgettable experience for all.