Experts Warn Biden’s Middle East Plan  Could Ignite Nuclear Arms Race

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Experts Warn Biden’s Middle East Plan Could Ignite Nuclear Arms Race

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Experts are raising alarms over President Joe Biden’s latest Middle East initiative, suggesting it could trigger a nuclear arms race among Islamic nations in the region. This concern was highlighted in a New York Times report detailing the administration’s efforts to revive a deal to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, a process that stalled following Hamas’ attack on October 7.

The Biden administration’s proposal includes pressuring Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians, who are governed by Hamas in Gaza, by recognizing their own state. This move is seen as a contentious reward following the unprecedented attack by Hamas, a group identified as a terrorist organization by numerous countries including the United States.

Saudi Arabia has set conditions for its participation in the deal, seeking a U.S.-Saudi mutual defense pact to counter threats from Iran. Additionally, Saudi Arabia wants cooperation on a civilian nuclear program that includes uranium enrichment, the sale of advanced American-made weapons, and potentially a trade agreement.

Israel strongly opposes this proposal. The Israeli government and the majority of its citizens are against establishing a Palestinian state, fearing it could become a stronghold for Islamic terrorists, exacerbating regional instability.

The proposed nuclear cooperation with Saudi Arabia is particularly controversial. Experts warn that enabling Saudi Arabia to enrich uranium could lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, as other Islamic nations might seek similar capabilities in response, heightening regional tensions and increasing the risk of conflict.