NGO Hamaari Sada Trust Doing Yeoman  Work in Slum Areas of Delhi

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NGO Hamaari Sada Trust Doing Yeoman Work in Slum Areas of Delhi

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DELHI: In the bustling streets of New Delhi, where diverse communities coexist, Hamaari Sada Trust stands as a beacon of hope. Founded by Mohd. Irshad Alam, the Trust is dedicated to uplifting the educational prospects of underprivileged children residing in the slum localities of Okhla and its environs in South Delhi, predominantly inhabited by Muslims.

Alam emphasized the Trust’s unwavering commitment to fostering a love for learning among students from marginalized backgrounds, primarily hailing from families of petty traders and daily wage earners. With a mission to bridge educational disparities, the Trust extends beyond conventional tuition classes, offering Remedial Classes tailored to students who have had to prematurely abandon formal education due to financial constraints.

“Approximately 80 percent of dropouts cite financial hurdles as the primary reason for discontinuing their studies. It’s imperative for all socio-religious communities and organizations to join hands in preventing these dropout rates,” Alam asserted.

Established in 2016, the Trust not only aims to mitigate educational inequities but also endeavors to provide holistic support to deserving yet disadvantaged students, facilitating their academic journey towards excellence.

To address educational gaps effectively, the Trust inaugurated the “Auj-e-Falak Shiksha Center” in Madanpur Khadar JJ Colony on October 2, 2022, a pivotal step towards empowering the community through education.

Beyond educational initiatives, the Trust collaborates with the Indian Institute of Natural Resources Management for community mobilization endeavors. Its multifaceted approach encompasses a wide array of social causes, including the promotion of self-sustaining employment opportunities for women and youth, advocacy for women and children’s welfare and empowerment, and fostering communal harmony.

Alam articulated the Trust’s vision for a society where healthcare and educational resources are accessible to all, especially the marginalized sections who often encounter barriers to these fundamental necessities. Through its tireless efforts, the Trust endeavors to uplift marginalized individuals, fostering a more equitable and inclusive society.