Gaza War Challenges Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” Theory

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Gaza War Challenges Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” Theory

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Ramzy Baroud’s analysis, “Civilizational Unity, Not Clash: How Gaza Challenged Samuel Huntington’s Fantasies,” offers a thought-provoking critique of Samuel Huntington’s renowned “Clash of Civilizations” theory. Baroud argues that solidarity with Palestinians transcends conventional boundaries of religion, race, geography, and culture, emphasizing instead the global pursuit of justice.

Examining the fluidity of identity throughout history, Baroud highlights the influence of wars, conflicts, and cultural shifts in redefining societal identities and political maps. He critiques the cultural hegemony of the United States and Britain post-Cold War, attributing it to disrupting natural cultural development and widening generational gaps.

Baroud challenges Huntington’s theory, labeling it as a redefinition of racist clichés and a political tool used to justify Western militarism. Instead, he advocates for a new paradigm that emphasizes power struggles for economic interests and fights for freedom, justice, and equality, transcending traditional civilizational boundaries.

The Gaza war serves as a catalyst for global unity, according to Baroud, showcasing widespread solidarity with Palestinians across continents and demographics. He concludes by advocating for global resistance against political and economic divisions, emphasizing the possibility of uniting for global justice beyond traditional notions of identity and power.

Baroud’s analysis underscores the complexity of contemporary global relations and the need for new approaches to understanding and addressing global challenges, challenging the validity of outdated theories like the Clash of Civilizations in today’s dynamic world.