Grand Mosque Introduces ‘Guidance Robot’ for Fatwa Queries

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Grand Mosque Introduces ‘Guidance Robot’ for Fatwa Queries

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RIYADH: The Presidency of Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has introduced a pioneering initiative employing artificial intelligence to address fatwa inquiries from visitors.

Dubbed the “guidance robot,” this innovative solution aims to aid pilgrims and Umrah performers in understanding rituals and fatwas, boasting simultaneous translation into multiple languages.

Notably, the robot facilitates remote connection with religious leaders, enabling them to participate in answering visitor questions.

With support for 11 languages, including Arabic, English, and French, the robot offers a user-friendly experience via its 21-inch touch screen, tailored to meet the diverse needs of Grand Mosque visitors.

Equipped with four wheels featuring a smart stop system, the robot ensures smooth maneuverability, while its front and bottom cameras transmit high-resolution images for enhanced interaction.

Moreover, the device incorporates high-clarity speakers and a premium-quality microphone, ensuring seamless sound transmission over a 5 GHz wireless network.

The Presidency of Religious Affairs, recently established as an independent body, oversees the affairs of imams and muezzins of the Two Holy Mosques, including religious seminars and Islamic lessons. This initiative underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance religious services.