74 Universities represent  Iran in ISC Ranking

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74 Universities represent Iran in ISC Ranking

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TEHRAN: The Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) has released the latest ranking of universities, according to which 74 universities from Iran are among the top 460 universities from 30 Islamic countries.

The ranking shows that among the universities of 57 Islamic countries, a total of 460 universities from 30 countries have qualified for the ranking system, IRNA reported.

The top 10 universities in this ranking are from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, Iran, Qatar, and Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia with four universities, Iran with two universities, and the rest of the countries with one university each are listed in the ISC ranking.

Meanwhile, the largest number of universities belong to Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan, with 111, 74, and 41 universities, respectively. (Source: https: //www.tehrantimes.com/news)