Indian Blind Boy received the  Einstein World Record for reciting the  Holy Quran verses for more than One hour

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Indian Blind Boy received the Einstein World Record for reciting the Holy Quran verses for more than One hour

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Dubai: A blind boy from Tamil Nadu, India who now resides in Dubai has received a world record certificate for Reciting Quran for long hours like a well-known international Quran Reciter. The function held in Dubai at Ramada Hotel, organized by Einstein World Achievement.

An individual with a disability, Mohamed Essa Abdul Hadi, took part in the activity. His ability to recite the Holy Quran fluently, like many well-known imams around the world, as a child astounded everyone.

Muhammad Essa Abdul Hadi’s talent was tested by the special guests and he grabbed all the attention and enthralled the audience.

Various guests who spoke in praise of the child were moved with emotion and made everyone happy. In such a moving moment, he was awarded the world record award for Reciting Quran for long hours with disabilities. This award is managed by Einstein World Record Institute. Founder Chairman of the Einstein World Record Karthik and Managing Director Monika presented it and everyone prayed that the almighty would make the child’s life better.

Sri Lankan famous book writer Jinnah Sarbudin, Tamil Nadu Congress State Vice President SM Hidayatullah Kovai, Abdul Aziz Bhagavi, Kilakkarai Muhammad Maroof, Dubai Tamil Enterprenur and Professional Association President Dr. Paul Prabhakar Journalist, Muduvai Hidayath were present at the event.

Additionally, he received permission from Saudi officials in Makkah to recite the Qur’an in front of the sacred mosque, and both the authorities and the crowd praised him.

He is currently unable to walk, see, or explain his regular bowel and pee movements.

Mohamed Essa Abdul Hadhi, who is currently residing in Dubai at Abu Hail, has taken part in numerous Quran competitions hosted in Dubai and won prizes.