Russia Plans Job Creation and Investments in Afghanistan

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Russia Plans Job Creation and Investments in Afghanistan

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Sputnik reported that Russia, as outlined by Rustam Khabibullin, the head of the Russian Business Center in Afghanistan, plans to initiate job creation and investment projects within Afghanistan.

Khabibullin stated during the International Economic Forum “Russia Islamic World: Kazan Forum” in Kazan, Russia, that the primary objective is to foster job growth and entice Russian investors to participate in Afghan initiatives.

He emphasized the importance of Afghan factories, agriculture, and the development of the Qosh Tepa water canal as key areas of focus for the business center.

Khabibullin highlighted the involvement of Russian companies in securing long-term leases for agricultural land near the Qosh Tepa canal.

Additionally, Khabibullin mentioned Russia’s humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, citing the distribution of over 250,000 boxes of medicines by the Charity Patriotic Muslims Fund to those in need last year.

In a separate statement, Khabibullin informed Sputnik earlier that trade between Russia and Afghanistan has witnessed significant growth, surging from $170 million in 2022 to over $1 billion presently.