Sri Lanka seeks to attract Arab visitors  with Ibn Battuta’s Trail

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Sri Lanka seeks to attract Arab visitors with Ibn Battuta’s Trail

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Colombo: Sri Lanka is looking to entice Arab tourists by showcasing the historical path of Ibn Battuta. Ibn Battuta, a renowned traveler from the Arab world, left a significant mark on history through his extensive journeys, including his visit to Sri Lanka centuries ago.

The country aims to leverage this rich historical connection to attract Arab visitors by highlighting the places Ibn Battuta explored during his travels within Sri Lanka. This initiative seeks to not only celebrate the historical significance of his journey but also to create a compelling tourist trail that connects modern-day travelers with his explorations across the island.

By promoting Ibn Battuta’s trail, Sri Lanka aims to offer a unique and culturally immersive experience for Arab tourists, inviting them to explore the landmarks, destinations, and narratives linked to his voyages. This strategic approach taps into the shared historical ties between the Arab world and Sri Lanka, fostering cultural exchange and tourism development.