The ‘Royal’ Conduct of G20 and the Simplicity of a ‘Rishi Sunak’

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The ‘Royal’ Conduct of G20 and the Simplicity of a ‘Rishi Sunak’

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The annual G20 summit of the group of 20 powerful economies of the world ended in New Delhi. The noise that had been heard for a long time also became dull. India was the president of G20 for a year. Meanwhile, hundreds of conferences were held in different cities of the country. Now Brazil has become the president of this group. Events will be organized there for a year now. There are some positives and some negatives of this ‘Shahan’ summit. Leave the negativity to the global media, social media, and the opposition. Let’s look at its positives. This conference is a big event for India. The successful way it was held has raised India’s stature globally. However, the opposition says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to increase his stature through it so that he can get an advantage in the general elections. This is in its place, but if we look at the current global situation, we will find that the world is in turmoil. Russia’s war against Ukraine, in particular, has turned things upside down. Due to the supply chain being affected, inflation has increased worldwide. The world is almost divided into two camps on this issue. On one side are Russia and China and on the other side are America and Western countries. India has taken a moderate approach. He never condemned his old friend Russia. The declaration that was adopted also avoided condemning Russia. Earlier in the meeting held in Bali, no consensus could be reached on the issue of Ukraine. There was apprehension that consensus would not be reached even in India’s conference. But the day and night hard work of the team here made the impossible possible. Consensus was reached on over 100 issues including Ukraine. But this task was not easy. Four senior diplomats, including Sherpa Amitabh Kant of Group Base, did it through two hundred hours of non-stop talks and three hundred bilateral meetings with their counterparts on all issues. The drafts were revised again and again. Even after fifteen drafts were distributed, everyone agreed on the wording of the declaration. The case of Ukraine was the most complicated. Although Ukraine has expressed reservations over the declaration, several countries, including Russia and China, have expressed satisfaction. However, the opposition leaders here have severely criticized the flow of money like water for the conference. According to TMC MP Sakit Gokhale, a budget of Rs 990 crore was allocated for the conference, but the government spent three hundred percent more than that, i.e. Rs 4100 crore. The government has denied the allegation. Some observers say that in a poor country like India, where 800 million people are living on five kilos of food grains per month given by the government, it is not appropriate to feed guests in gold and silver dishes. They call it an unnecessary display of grandeur.

Now let’s change the aspect and talk about a sage of modern times. Readers must have understood that we are referring to the 43-year-old Prime Minister of Great Britain, Rishi Sunak. Although he was not treated like others by the Indian government, still he won millions of hearts. He and his wife Akshita Murthy’s simplicity and simplicity won countless people over. If one looks at the journey from landing in India to taking off, it must be said that the Sanskars in them are not demanded but their own. Just think that in a meeting in which the world’s major heads of state are present, a prime minister of such a large country can sit on his knees and talk to someone. But no, Rishi Sunak was barefoot when he approached Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid during a meeting. He neither spoke standing up nor allowed Sheikh Hasina to stand up. Hasina was sitting on a chair and he sat on his knees with one hand on the arm of the chair like a child sitting in front of his mother. Consider that the difference between the ages of both is the same as the age of a mother and a son. It is possible that at that time both of them remembered the same relationship in their hearts. His style created such a magic that he is still being admired. People have rightly written on social media that big people don’t have ego, pride, and arrogance. They stay away from flashiness and self-promotion. They do not consider anyone inferior to themselves. According to the person, the manner in which he sat next to Hasina Wajid was not the mudra of the Rishis. It will not be wrong if it is said that they are names of names and Rishis of the present age.

He had said in an interview before coming to Delhi that he belonged to a Hindu family. He was raised according to Hindu religion. They are proud to be Hindus. If they go to Delhi, they will also go to the temple. He went to Delhi’s Akshar Dham temple on the second morning of the conference. It was raining at that time. Even there, the simplicity of him and his wife was captivating. His picture in a white shirt and black pants without tie and coat went viral. On this occasion, his wife was also wearing a very simple dress. When the two came out of the temple holding an umbrella and looking at each other, many old-timers remembered the pairing of Raj Kapoor and Nargis. On the second day before the conference, when the delegates went to Raj Ghat to pay their respects to Gandhiji, there were many guests wearing cloth shoes. But Rishi Sunak was also there with bare feet. Earlier, when the two were coming out of the plane after landing at the Palam airport, Akshita Murthy’s fixing of their tie was also well received. Similarly, when they boarded the plane to go back, both of them shook hands and said goodbye to the hosts. They are really staunch followers of Hinduism. Like other religions, Hinduism also does not teach to hate others. He also teaches love. He is also not convinced of hostile feelings in the name of religion. If Rishi Sunak had the sentiments propagated by Hindu Hindus in India, he would not have respected a Muslim Prime Minister like this. Rather, they do not go near them. His saying that he is proud to be a Hindu, going to the temple to worship, and saying goodbye with folded hands did not go down well with the followers of other religions. Everyone has the right to adhere to his religion, but no one has the right to hate others based on religion. I wish the Hindutvadis here would learn a lesson from him. Readers will know that he is the son-in-law of Narayan Murthy, the owner of Bangalore-based IT company Infosys. Their ancestors went from India to Africa and then to Britain. He is a very rich person. He is the richest British Prime Minister ever. The wealth of both husband and wife is in billions of dollars. He has several luxury houses and cars. He lives a luxurious private life but is extremely simple in public life. These same qualities of his have made him a great person.