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After the Victory of Congress in Karnataka

NDA Govt to set up Equal Opportunity Commission
A Muslim Girl Topper in a Gujarat School was Denied Recognition
Early Intervention School Opened

This is the guidance to all Muslims in India…

Now that the Congress has won decisively with the full support of especially Muslims, the BJP and its cadre will be eagerly waiting to take revenge by playing Hindu-Muslim card somehow.

Muslims should, therefore be careful not to give any opportunity for opponents to fulfill their agenda. We need to exercise caution, not display arrogance, not take the law into our hands, not indulge in any kind of communal activities and speeches, religious conversion, love jihad, cow slaughter, etc., etc., and carry us as responsible citizens so that more and more peace-loving Hindus start recognizing us, respecting us, cooperating with us and stand with us in times of need.

Do not be under the impression that we will be safe under any circumstances simply because our govt., has been elected. Remember, AAP in Delhi was elected with full support of Muslims but during the Delhi riots we were left alone to face the enemy.

Congress govt., will be favorable to us in policy matters but in day-to-day life we have to face the situation on our own.

Politics going forward will be more peaceful, pro-poor, and fair and just, transparent, etc., but no govt., will serve food on our table. We have to earn our living in honesty, get ourselves well ducated, skillful, and never indulge in unlawful activities.

Religion is purely personal and not for display. Never compare or criticize others’ faith, beliefs, and practices.

Practice is more important than preaching. There is no substitute for hard work. We need not have a political outfit of our own. We should be a part of a larger outfit like Congress so that we are not ignored while making policies.

Let Almighty give us the wisdom to emerge as role models to others.