AMU-Trained Doctors Reach Out  to Covid Patients in Rural Bihar

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AMU-Trained Doctors Reach Out to Covid Patients in Rural Bihar

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Dr. Amjad

Bihar: A group of doctors is giving free Covid-19 consultations to patients in rural Bihar. As the cases started to surge in the second wave of the pandemic, three doctor friends, who are alumni of Aligarh Muslim University, came together and created this group to reach out.

Dr. Amjad, who led the group, completed his studies in medicine from AMU’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in 2008; he is an eye surgeon in Bihar’s Siwan district. The other members include Dr. Bilal Asif and Dr. Saba Siddique. Dr. Bilal, a robotic surgeon, is currently assistant director at the Medanta Hospital. He frequently organizes online video meetings of the group with the senior specialists of Medanta, where they discuss new studies on covid-19. The trio has put together a WhatsApp group of 250 members. They advise the patients over this group. “We have treated many patients so far by giving them advice over WhatsApp or on phone calls,” said Dr. Amjad. “We prescribed them medicines and asked them to follow protocol, and most of them recovered just by following our advice.” Dr. Saba Siddique is posted at Raipur AIIMS.

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