Book Release Ceremony  at the Department of Arabic

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Book Release Ceremony at the Department of Arabic

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Aligarh: The Aligarh Muslim University’s (AMU) Department of Arabic hosted a special ceremony on May 10 to celebrate the publication of Professor Abu Sufyan Islahi’s ten volumes.

Academic and literary works encourage students and future generations, and Prof. Islahi’s creative activism and academic rigour are commendable, according to Prof. Azarmi Dukht Safavi, Honorary Advisor and Former Director, Institute of Persian Research, AMU, who presided over the event.

Prof Arif Nazir, Dean, the Faculty of Arts praised Prof. Islahi and explained the value of knowledge creation by quoting various Sanskrit Slokas

The books released on the occasion include ‘Tabyin-ul-Kalam’ (edited), ‘Tammulaat-fi-Akaar-is-Sir Syed’, ‘Khutoot-e-Zakir’, ‘Auraq-e-Aligarh’, ‘Danshwar: Professor Sherwani’, ‘Tasaveer-e-Aligarh’, ‘Fozla-e-Madrasatul-Islam ki Qurani Khidmaat’, ‘Abdur Rahman Nasir Islahi: Shakhs-wa-Shakhsiyat’, ‘Makaatib-e-Mashaheer-wa-Makaatib-e-Nasir’, and ‘Tasawwur-e-Akhrat’.

Prof Syed Kafeel Ahmed Qasmi (former Chairperson, Department of Arabic), Prof. A R Kidwai (KA Nizami Centre for Quranic Studies), Prof M. Salahuddin Umari, Dr. Rahat Abrar, Prof Ghazanfar Ali, Prof Sagheer Afraheem, Prof Ziaur Rehman Siddiqui, Prof Obaidullah Fahad, Prof Abdul Azim Islahi, Prof Mohd Sanaullah Nadvi (Chairperson, Department of Arabic), Prof Quamrul Hooda Faridi, Prof M. Khalid and others spoke on the occasion and shed light on the contents and importance of the released books.