Bound by Fourteen Anchors

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Bound by Fourteen Anchors

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There are two sides to the uproar over the Indian Alliance’s ban on fourteen anchors. One says that the right thing happened and the other says that it is an attack on the media. My question is a bit different. Like other institutions and sectors in India, the media is also controlled by Everyman, which is only four and a half percent. Just as the Jewish lobby is in control of the whole of America, the Brahmin lobby is also in control of India. Statistics show that in any political party, any sector of life, or any decision-making agency in India, Brahmins are seen at the top positions. If we consider this case in this context, it will be known that it is the Brahmin who has taken the decision not to attend Brahmin programs. What is the reason for this? This is because when someone comes in the way of power, even if it is one’s own, it becomes very important to control it, of which you will find many examples in history. So, will the boycott of these few anchors change the toxic climate of our country? I don’t think so.

The only lasting solution to this problem is that this will continue until the backward castes and minorities gain a foothold in the media. The problem in India is not only the Muslims, but the lower castes also have a more serious problem than the Muslims. Their problems, persecution of, the continued misunderstanding with them in society, and then the participation of their name in the government, the conspiracy to not give their people a place in the government departments, despite the reservation, they are not allowed in the jobs. Injustice to all this cannot go away until the people of their caste in the media acknowledge their existence in large numbers, this is what their intellectuals keep doing on every platform.
As far as Muslims are concerned, despite being 14 crores, they do not even have 14 national-level journalists who have their place in the media. No one is going to buy Urdu newspapers. English and Hindi journalism do not exist. Muslims should have their own channel, it is also well discussed, let us accept that it is not possible to open and run the channel due to some reasons, so should we make a regular effort to send our children to journalism, for this they Preparing for it, organizing coaching centers for it and running a regular campaign for it, do other nations stop us from this? Some may find it unfortunate that we have been confused about whether photos and videos are legal for fifty years since the advent of television. How can a nation expect its youth to be seen on the television screen in a nation that debates whether it is permissible to watch and work on television?

Now that time has passed, television has created a storm in destroying our nation and ruining our country, so now we are starting to understand what is the importance of media. When we had to understand its importance fifty years ago, at that time we were involved in the discussion of its justification and non-justification. This is what is called: Moments have sinned and centuries have been punished.

The special thing is that our nation still seems to be unfamiliar with the importance of media, and the need to prepare our youth in the media.

Instead of rejoicing over the boycott of fourteen anchors, we urgently need to focus our cause towards a long-term solution.