Breaking Barriers: The Remarkable Rise of Karting Sensation Atiqa Mir

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Breaking Barriers: The Remarkable Rise of Karting Sensation Atiqa Mir

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Srinagar: Nine-year-old Atiqa Mir from Srinagar’s Nishat area is shattering stereotypes and setting records on the racetrack. With a passion for racing that defies her age, Atiqa has become a sensation in the world of karting, showcasing unmatched skill and dedication.

In her debut season in the UAE IAME National Karting Championship Mini R category, Atiqa amazed the motorsports community by securing the title of vice-champion. Despite competing against older and more experienced racers, she displayed remarkable composure and speed, finishing as the runner-up in all seven rounds. Notably, Atiqa’s exceptional performance ranked her as the highest-ranked female karter under 10 years old in any FIA or CIK national karting championship worldwide.

Atiqa’s journey into motorsports began at the age of five during a spontaneous encounter with electric go-karts in a Dubai mall. Since then, her passion for racing has only flourished, driven by her natural talent and relentless determination. Despite facing initial challenges and skepticism, Atiqa’s undeniable skill quickly propelled her to success, earning her numerous victories and accolades on national and international platforms.

Attributing her success to unwavering dedication, rigorous training, and determination, Atiqa serves as an inspiration to young girls, urging them to pursue their passions fearlessly and break barriers in male-dominated fields.

As Atiqa aims to conquer European racing circuits and dreams of becoming the first female driver in modern Formula 1, she remains committed to excellence, inspiring aspiring female racers worldwide.

Behind Atiqa’s achievements stands her proud father, Asif Mir, a former racing driver himself, who provides unwavering support and guidance to his daughter’s burgeoning career. With Atiqa’s exceptional talent and Asif’s dedication, the duo is poised to make a lasting impact on motorsports, setting new standards of excellence and inspiring future generations.