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Bridge Course for SSLC Students

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Hubli-Dharwad: The Association of Muslim Professionals of Hubli-Dharwad is organizing a fortnight long Bridge Course for SSLC students who will be joining Pre University Course this year. The course will be held at Nehru College from May 1 to May 13 and will impart training in public speaking, memory techniques, personality development, essay writing, etc.
A press release said the course will be highly useful for Urdu medium students whose vast majority starts with a handicap in the English environment due to lack of language fluency.
In spite of having a large pool of talent, we as a community, are lacking the basic momentum. Neither are we able to garner the necessary attention, nor are we able to have a say in the affairs of our welfare.
Those interested can contact: Miss Muzammil Banatwalla, Senior Project Coordinator, Ph: 82911-01313. Email:[email protected]