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Central Uniy. at Ajmer to be named after Khawaja

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Bangalore: Mr. Ubaidullah Shariff, the newly elected chairman of the Ajmer Dargah Management Committee has indicated that one of the five central universities announced by the Minister for Minority Affairs will come up on 11 bigha land in possession of the Dargah of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty. (A bigha is about 1,600 sq. metres). The land is located 11 kms from the Dargah.
Shariff who recently took charge as the chairman of the 11-member committee, said the new committee will prepare a Master Plan to provide better facilities to the millions of pilgrims who come visiting the Dargah year round. He said Dargah’s hundi collection and rents from nearly 265 shops currently fetch Rs. 7 crore annually which is utilized to pay the salary of 250 persons employed by the Dargah. He said the Dargah has a 142-room guest house which can accommodate around a thousand visitors daily. Shariff expressed surprise that though there were three mosques in the premises of the Dargah, none among them had facility for women to pray. He said provision would be made to accommodate women namazis in these mosques.