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Couple Imparts Hi-Tech Schooling to Muslim Girls in Jharkhand

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Ranchi: Naseem Anwar Nadvi and Tabassum Fatima, the husband and wife couple in the remote Itki village, about 30 kms from Ranchi, educate young Muslim girls to be self-dependent by imparting knowledge on hi-tech know-how.
On one hand, while the usual restrictions are imposed by fundamentalists on Muslim women, particularly in the field of education, Fatima Education Academy in the Naxal-affected village has come up with an advanced system of teaching.
Tabassum Fatima, said she believes that girls should not be confined to cooking alone. “This is the thinking of our community that girls should not be educated. They should know all about household chores, how to cook food, etc. What else do they need to do except cook food? But I am against this,” said Fatima.
A teacher at the school, Bilkis Asmin, said students in the academy are imparted education up to Class 10 under the Jharkhand Board in the fields of religion, science and technology, computer and handicraft.
“All the optional courses are being taught because of which the students become self dependent. Even if they do not get a job, they can begin with a small venture and can start their own boutique,” said Asmin.
After receiving education in Lucknow, the Nadvis came to Itki where, they set up the Fatima Educational and Health Trust in 1998 with just 17 girls, with an aim to do their bit for society.
The Fatima Girls Academy now has 500 girl students, including 50 orphans, whose entire expenses are met by the trust.
“Earlier, no importance was given to female education in Muslim community. So unless we educate the girls, the possibility of advancement is difficult,” says Naseem Anwar Nadvi.
The girls themselves are very enthusiastic about their future in the modern world and are raring to find a place for themselves.
“This is very useful. It will help us to work in railways. In case I become a teacher, I can teach using computers,” a student, Shafiqua Nikhat, echoed the mood of her other schoolmates.
The couple has been determined in their mission and said that Islam is never against imparting modern education to women.
Such an effort in this remote area of Jharkhand is an inspiration and an example for others.
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