“Diabetes and Blood Pressure Screening  and Counseling Centre at Nehtaur”

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“Diabetes and Blood Pressure Screening and Counseling Centre at Nehtaur”

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During his discussions with those responsible for running the “Diabetes and Blood Pressure Screening and Counseling Centre” at Nehtaur, Mr. Mohammad Imdad Aalam, a Jamia Millia Islamia alumnus, who is presently working at the Indian Embassy in Riyadh, congratulated them for establishing such a unique center that offers free services and underlined the need to establish hundreds of such centers to create awareness regarding silent attackers such as diabetes and blood pressure across the country and build a healthy Indian society. He opined that such public welfare work helps strengthen the bond between human beings irrespective of any and every difference of religion, sect, caste, gender, region, or any other.

Under the aegis of the Health and Education Promotion Trust (HEPT), Mr. Ghizal Mahdi, former President of Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association (Riyadh), has established this center; and people have been availing its free services, since October 2022. The office bearers of HEPT are Professor Zubair Meenai (President), Mr. Shyam Sundar (Vice President), Mr. Ghazal Mahdi (Secretary), and Mr. Mahindar Manral (Treasurer).

Mr. Ita-at Husain, a member of the team that looks after the smooth functioning of the center, is apprised of the functioning of the center and its approach to sending the patients to the local Community Health Centre. He also informed that so far over 30 health volunteers – including bioscience students of classes 11 and 12 and those pursuing education in medical sciences – have joined the center.

Dr. Ijmal Ahmad said that the number of youth who have kidney failure due to diabetes and high blood pressure is alarming. In the Bijnor District Hospital, an average of 25 people, undergo dialysis every day, 10 belong to the 15 to 35 age group. He stressed the need to educate the people – about the need for regular light exercise, low salt diet, less use of painkillers, controlling of blood sugar and blood pressure, and approaching government hospitals for advice – through health awareness campaigns.

Emphasizing the need to create awareness regarding blood sugar and blood pressure, Mr. Naved Iqbal cited the diabetes data, which indicates the likelihood of India having the highest number of blood sugar patients in a few years from now. Mr. Riyaz-ul Hasan suggested that to create awareness regarding blood sugar, pamphlets in Hindi and Urdu be distributed. Mr. Dilshad Ahmad, Advocate Musawwir Husain, Mr. Shariq Abrar, and Mr. Mohammad Umar also participated in the discussions.