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Digital Magazine for Children Launched

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By Aftab H Kola

‘Quest Jr’, a digital interactive magazine for children in the age group 7-12 years, was launched by a group of dedicated parents who were looking for a digital product that would provide appropriate and interesting content for young readers. The magazine aims to challenge and broaden the minds of curious Muslim children everywhere. With a contemporary design and enriched content packed with interesting interactive features, Quest Jr. features a gamut of topics across the spectrum of Islamic and general content. It aims to present Islam and its tenets in a balanced way. Using latest technology to engage young readers, this monthly magazine provides insights into topics such as Stories from the Quran, Lives of the Companions and the meaning of Quranic ayahs in an age-appropriate format. Quest Jr can be read on multiple devices including I Pads, Android tablets as well as desktop/laptops. For more information, log on to www.questjr.com or write to Aftab Kola by email: [email protected]