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Bangalore: Iqra Educational and Charitable Trust located in Jagjivan Ram Nagar, Bangalore, began with the noble intention of providing education to the poorest of the poor. According to Imran Pasha, chairman of the Trust and JD (S), youth president, if every person in the community saves Rs 5 each day and collects it, it can be used for a useful purpose like education, instead of wasting this money on cigarettes, gutka, whiling away precious time in tea stalls gossiping about non-issues. In 1980, about 13,000 sq ft of land, costing around Rs 6.5 crore in Jagjivan Ram Nagar was acquired after Imran Pasha, along with his father Arif Pasha and other like-minded individuals negotiated with the government to make good use of this land for setting up a school. “It was a very tough struggle with the government, but we did not lose hope and today, there is a school here,” says Imran. Imran Pasha himself has donated Rs 50,000 for the cause. The Trust has been helping drop-outs to get back into school, apart from lending support through books and getting admissions into schools for children from very poor economic backgrounds. For more details, contact Imran Pasha: 9845013032.
(Reported by Haseena Taj)