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The campaign is based on the understanding that protecting the earth and its climate is a serious religious obligation.

Nobel Peace-prize winner from South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and William Vendley, Secretary-General of Religions for Peace International, recently announced the launching of the Religions for Peace ‘Faiths for Earth’ campaign in 195 countries.
‘Faiths for Earth’ is a global multi-religious online campaign, bringing together people from different faith traditions to protect our shared earth from the ravages of climate change and its disproportionate effects on the poor and excluded. It seeks to mobilize religious believers, from different faith traditions, and women and men of goodwill to embrace the moral responsibility to care for our earth and each other by seeking to live better and more sustainable lives in greater joy and harmony. The campaign is based on the understanding that protecting the earth and its climate is understood in different religious traditions as a serious religious obligation.
At the heart of the campaign is a petition urging each country’s sitting head of state and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to take bold actions to halt climate change, including phasing out the use of harmful fossil fuels and committing to one hundred percent renewable energy by midcentury.
The first phase of the Faiths for Earth campaign is to amass signed petitions from all around the world to present to world leaders. The petition is available in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish, Filipino, Indonesian, Norwegian, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
(If you would like to sign the petition, go to faithsforearth.org/)