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Withdraw Karnataka Anti-Cattle Slaughter Law -Says Muslim, Dalit, And Farmer Organisations

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In a press meet recently, the members of Muslim, Dalit, and Farmer organizations affirmed that the law has led to adverse physical, social, and psychological consequences for farmers, transporters, slaughterhouse workers, tannery workers, loaders/unloaders, cleaners, sanitation workers, butchers, small and large eateries, street vendors as well as a whole gamut of services associated with these.

They said that the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Act, 2020 fails to consider adverse severe economic, social, and nutritional consequences, Dalit, Farmer, and Muslim organizations in Karnataka demanded its withdrawal.

Referring to hate crimes and mob lynching in Karnataka in the name of cow ‘vigilantism’. They said, “instead of making all efforts to protect the vulnerable citizens, the government has instead brought a law that further victimizes the same communities and makes them economically very vulnerable while enabling lynch mobs and self-appointed vigilante groups.”

The organizations demanded that those who have been shattered by the Act be compensated at the earliest. A statement is issued that no person attached to the cattle business will be harassed, threatened, or abused for their occupation, cultural, or nutritional choices.