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Announcement of Government grants for 75 madrassas in first phase in Uttar Pradesh has triggered a rat race among the managements to corner the teachers’ position for their kith and kin. But while jockeying for salaried positions, the managements are manipulating the record and denying the benefit to the old and experienced staffers who have served the religious educational institutions with loyalty for decades together.
In a bizarre incident a dozen old teachers of Madrasa Mazharul Uloom in Ghosipura in Gorakhpur district staged a sit-in before the District Magistrate office protesting the termination of their job by the Madrassa’s rector. They alleged that the mdrassa secretary, Advocate Md. Yunus told them that their names could not be included among Government-aided teachers this year. According to Urdu daily Rashtriya Sahara, the management was conspiring to terminate their services even though they had joined the service between 2003 and 206. The protesting teachers included Muhammad Shakir, Hafiz Abdur Raheem, Hafiz Muhammad Ayoob and Mulana Muhammad Nasir.
It is said, the madrassa managements are asking the teacher to pay the management Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh for the post as it would carry officially designated salary in future. Two more madrassas in Rasoolpur and Ilahi Bagh have also been reported to be asking their teachers to provide such sums to the managements. Failure to comply with the demand is resulting in dismissals.
Complaints in this regard with the District Minority Officers have gone unheeded.